Review: Naomi #4

Credit where it is due for Wonder Comics books, the approach so far has been smart between grabbing the reader and holding their attention.This is a bold initiative for DC, and that comes with the realization that you need to tell a story which understands the need for pay-off. Especially one like Naomi which treats us to both a new character and a book which isn’t straightforward superheroics. We could have gone ten issues and barely scratched the surface of this mystery, but here we are at Naomi #4 where her true origins are pretty much right at our fingertips.

This months issue was a delight because there was nothing between us and the answers. We don’t get the biggest answer just yet, but we are here at that point where everything is put on the table about Naomi’s origin. I mean, it made sense that to get to Naomi, we first had to come to understand her parents, or guardians. It was a rush to look forward to this issue the minute they dropped that bomb on us that her dad was a soldier from Rann. This is a guy who never once gave off the impression that he could have been someone that battle-hardened. Nonetheless, a pretty rare occurrence when you will see someone in a role like this running around in armor like Adam Strange. The execution of his story was excellent because his mission to Earth filled in many gaps. It was intense, heartwarming, and heartbreaking at the same time since this couple went through a lot to be able to live the kind of life they do now with Naomi.

Even the mother stood out here considering there is two halves to this story to understand the emotional weight of this situation. You wouldn’t have pictured who she was then versus now either, but all the same you could connect with the distress she could feel at the idea of losing a daughter.

Where I continued to admire Naomi in this moment of revelation is the way she absorbed it all. If this was your cliche teen story, then she would have been creating a fuss or simply villainize everyone for withholding the truth. That’s not to say that she didn’t get a bit emotional, because who wouldn’t? Fortunately for us the worst was not the case. Anything less or more than the reactions we got from her would have been a slap to the face for a character who has been hyped up as a cunning and intellectual girl for her age. The note this issue leaves us on was clever because all we had was a symbol to stew on. Just one which would tell you everything about her history, that is if it is something we have seen before.

Once more we are struck with another stunning issue for the interior work, and even the cover art. As I always say, it makes a big difference to have an artist aboard who can do it all. Being an issue where the main focus was the past, I thought every creation was beautiful whether it was new characters we’ve never seen before, or seeing our main characters as different people entirely in their former lives. There was also a strong range of emotions to experience from these characters which was engaging for the way that some were captured in their element in contrast to being knocked out of their comfort zone. What made it all so appealing from start to finish ended up being the way this story transitioned between past and present. It was handled very well without things getting choppy. Not many could pull this off so fluently, so there is credit to be given there in particular.

Overall, Naomi #4 proved to us that this creative team is not messing around with this mystery. They aren’t dragging us along with twists and turns, and they aren’t trying to milk out a feeling of suspense. This experience has been worthwhile when each passing issue so far has revealed something major, leading up to the big discovery next month. I would be shocked if all sorts of theorizes weren’t flying around immediately after this release.

Naomi #4




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