Review: Firefly #5

It’s now a race against time for the crew of the Serenity! Some things you knew were going to happen for this crew, but there’s no fun in the jobs they take if everything goes according to plan.This certainly wasn’t going to be any different when there are enemies all around them on this plant. Unifactors on one end, Pilgrims on the other end, and then you also have the locals

For now at least the main concern is between the Pilgrims and Unifactors. Well maybe just the one Unifactor who has managed to steal away Mal to stand trial for his war crimes. Even though we know that Mal and the rest of the crew will be able to inevitably stop Boss Moon from turning him in, the appeal still lies with how they overcome this obstacle. This was one for those times where Mal was playing to his strengths because he can be quite the handful when he doesn’t want to play nice. He and Boss Moon may not be friends, but that didn’t mean their interactions were any less entertaining. Especially when you have Mal taking every opportunity to challenge her fortitude. Doing this, saying that, finding different ways to throw her off just for that one moment he could take advantage of.

Back with the rest of the crew, it was fitting how they picked up the pieces from losing Mal to Boss Moon. As I said above, it’s now a race against time for them to patch up the ship and get moving before Mal is too far gone for them to catch-up. This was another one of those times where things played out as they normally would. Things fall apart, and everyone shuffles to figure out the proper play. Do they save the person? Or do they move on? The answer was obvious with Zoe still around, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t those who would try to offer alternatives. These moments are always memorable because the true test for this crew is always how they come together with their backs against the wall.

Zoe managed to stand tall this issue and personally I love any issue where she reminds you of who she really is. The solider who also knows how to step up and be a leader. Even if she has the same tendencies as Mal to be cold in her approach. This position she has been placed in is also perfect for the opportunity to challenge who she is now with the person she tends to have to be when the call comes.

The rest of the crew had their moments here and there, though what made this engaging overall was seeing how their different points of view create unexpected connections. To call them a dysfunctional family is quite the understatement.

Another solid issue for this art team. Surprisingly nothing too standout this time around. Which isn’t a bad thing because some of us would rather take consistency than anything less. There was a fight, and there was some explosiveness, but aside from that most of the efforts went into the personal engagement from these characters. You can at the very least see that Dan McDaid is getting better control with how these characters look and express themselves.

This chapter of Firefly was fun, personal, and continues to shake things up when no one is safe ever. Firefly isn’t one of those stories where you let your guard down for a second. Not when even now Mal and Zoe find themselves in greater dangers than they started with.

Firefly #5




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