Review: Justice League Dark #10

When I first found myself picking up Justice League Dark, I never thought this is where we would have ended up by the tenth issue. The initial impression we were all left with was that this might be just another iteration of the team. Just a bit more out there and mainstream in cast. At times like this I approve of being wrong. There was always a larger story to tell and it so far has been crafted extremely well. For as ambitious as JLD has been, it is also commendable that this is a story which makes sense. Not once has this creative tea lost us in the need to be complex.

Considering the damage that the Lords of Order have already done to assert their dominance over the magic community, this was the best time for this creative team to jump into how the Lords of Order came to take action. I enjoyed this info dump because it was a long time coming. Not that we were always in need to understand the plans of these Lords, but it was always going to be welcomed when that time came. Especially since understanding this situation from their perspective perfectly ties into everything else going on in the DC Universe. This could have easily been it’s own standalone problem, and to an extent it still is, but it helps that the cause is something stemming from a larger problem at hand.

What beauty I found in Doctor Fate’s plan was how difficult is to call him the villain by the end. When you know what is coming for Earth, wouldn’t you do just about everything in your power to preserve the majority? Sacrifice comes in many forms, and up to this point we were not seeing what that meant for Doctor Fate and the Lords of Order. Some interesting questions were raised, as well as

Fast-forwarding to what is unfolding presently, it was a tough pill to swallow understanding the wall that everyone is up against. Even if you could see where the Lords of Order may be right, that didn’t change that you have these people and magic beings who live off of the existence of magic. You wouldn’t expect them to accept what must be taken away and/or destroyed.

The biggest development from Justice League Dark #9 was the revelation from Wonder Woman and Zatanna that their one chance at stopping Doctor Fate and the Otherkind and saving magic: Mordru, the Lord of Chaos.However, that was only the start of discoveries no one could have prepared for. While Nabu’s story was enlightening, what Zatanna discovers came with a big twist for the fact that we are learning that nothing is as it seems. Pretty much why you have to love a bout like JLD, you expect the unexpected and find yourself treated to the wonders of the unknown. Enemies might actually be allies, allies actually enemies, but none of this matters when no one realizes the true game played.

I expected nothing less from the art team of Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez, and Brad Anderson. There’s always this shining brilliance from the interiors and it really gets you in that mindset that this is an epic in motion. When you add the Lords of Order, this art team even has more room to have fun because of the way these beings twist, turn, distort, and break everything around them. Where some artists might make that choice to do these things to create style, this captures everything limitless about this corner of the DC Universe. Right now you wouldn’t see this kind of overlapping either done so well in a way that really adds to the strength of the storytelling. No matter where JLD takes us, the one thing you could never take from this book is how ever flip of the page is refreshing.

Justice League Dark #10 flips everything you thought you were able to piece together about this story right out the window. There was no better time to begin peeling back the layers of mystery, because once you do? All that is left is what you are willing to do to get the job done. Most of these characters aren’t truly aware of the actual stakes. So it should be thrilling to see what happens when that is the case.

Justice League Dark #10




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