Review: The Terrifics #15

The Terrifics has been a book easily embraced for the way that these characters redefine what it means to be a family. Every month was a new adventure, and a new experience, but never once were we ever allowed to forget the obstacles that only they could overcome because of the realization that connections matter. The kind that has finally brought this team into legitimacy beyond being stuck together.

There was only one worry with this new chapter for The Terrifics, and that was how different things might seem with a new creative team. After everything we have been through with these characters, it was hard to imagine moving forward with a different writer and team of artists. Could they capture the same glow from the way these characters interact? Would the tone shift too much? Could this be where we start losing out to the substance from this story for style? Those were the big questions I had before flipping open to that first page. By the end of this issue I would say that this creative team has a good thing going for these misfits. They’re out there being superheroes, fighting their own unique brand of villains, and tackling problems which continue to fall in their wheelhouse.

There wasn’t too many character moments shared between them, but actions did speak louder than words for some of them. Especially when this produced some memorable action scenes. I would also say that this is where our new art team shined as well. Stephen Segovia and Protobunker created one hell of an action sequence that really played with the way some of these character’s power’s match up. There’s still no limit to what to the shapeshifters can turn into, the laws which PG can break when she phases, and the many things Ms. Terrific can apparently do that our Terrific hasn’t done yet with his tech.

I only found one thing questionable, and that just so happened to be the relationship between Mr. and Ms. Terrific. I think most of us were looking forward to something happening between these two. There was no telling if it was a love that could last, but these are rare opportunities to see Mr. Terrific drop the cold act to show affection. However, where this issue took them was bold for the fact that they were quick to hit their first hurdles. It made sense when there is no version of them that are the same in the multiverse. However, it just seemed too soon to already tell us what may not be possible. Where they do save this was how their first hurdle connected to the plot they have set in motion for the new story arc.

Where this change in art teams was admirable was the fact that we took a step forward in overall quality of the interior work. Not that the previous team was bad, but you could see the significant change in detail, boldness in color, and way that the effects pop. Stephen Segovia and Protobunker went above and beyond putting energy into these characters, how they engage with one another, and the many things new to match this new direction taken with The Terrifics. There was a lot of overlapping as well which I didn’t mind either. The action was in your face, as well as other things that you want to make sure hold significance to the reader visually.

The Terrifics #15 brings us to a point that for the most part has been a long time coming. This new chapterĀ  in the lives of Mr. Terrific, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man was fun, action-packed, and still managed to be endearing when it mattered most. I just hope they are able to dodge the areas where they run the risk of things getting predictable. This is a story that has so far nailed the excitement in being able to embrace the unknown.

The Terrifics #15




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