Review: The Wicked & The Divine #43


Last month was a big one for WicDiv fans. With everything down to the wire, this is the time where you expect the gloves to come off. Especially when some characters are pushed to a point where it is time to take action for better or for worse. It definitely took some time to remove the horrific image of a god actually torn apart. I mean how do you move forward from that? Fortunately plenty when it comes to this book and the stage they are at in its final act.

What we had to look forward to ahead of time for this issue was the tease that this creative team was trying to pull off one more big crowd and fight scene. We’ve seen how these turn out, and they tend to be quite the spectacle. And this one was too! The scene was met with excellent execution as the gods who remain are at that point in their plan where all that’s left is to storm the castle. Little time was wasted jumping into the action and it was wise over and done when there was still a big confrontation to get around to. However, before that, it was still quite the spectacle for being able to see some of these gods in action who you have never seen like this before. Just one more time to see these gods flashy when it matters most.

The big thing for this series was actually finding out the truth behind the gods and these games. It was an unexpected exploration taken into the mind of someone who turned out to be just as lost as the rest of them. What anyone had to ask themselves when Laura return was what she discovered about herself to break the cycle. This became clear in the most cleverest of ways. You wouldn’t think that this is a story that could be deconstructed any further, and then you would be wrong. Particularly when you haven’t seen how this all began. This creative team fully indulged in the concept of choice and how this matters to even the gifted. If the cycle began because of a simple set of rules, what more could have been set in motion upon the manipulation of words? The answer to that was more than worth the wait.

My only gripe is that it’s still hard to pinpoint a name for who is Minerva, Ananke, or for who these two sisters used to be. Maybe they want this to be the beauty of the story, but it pains me when wanting to speak of either with distinction. I suppose it was nice that this one trip to the past made things easy through the way that youth separates the two by appearances.

Aside from the stylish crowd fight, there was other aspects of this issue where the art team shined. The first was the flashback mentioned above. The approach to this one was appealing for the fact that the panels were weaved together through the tentacle-like constructs these gods are able to create. Black was more fitting for the tone of the flashback, as well as the pink-ish overlays used to emphasize that this is all an action. What I appreciated most was the opportunity to finally see some of the characters who set events in motion in their prime. The other thing worth pointing out was transformation scene in which the best word I could use for it was magical. There is magic in self-discovery, and it could have happened without one more embrace of the colors used to represent the aura of these gods.

Two more issues after this, and this tale comes to an end. The Wicked & The Divine #43 gave us the revelations we have been waiting for a long time now. Everything came full circle, while at the same time presenting us with the last of the obstacles that our cast of heroes should have to face before their stories end. That is if everyone makes it to that hopeful ending.

The Wicked & The Divine #43




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