Review: Aliens: Resistance #4

Here we are once more at the finale of another miniseries in the Aliens franchise.With this one issue left, there has been a lot to look forward to when the future is always uncertain for the likes of Zula Hendricks and Amanda Ripley. Two soldiers who have been there, done that, and are only human at the end of the day. When they tell us in this chapter that these the two women will be forced to decide how much of a sacrifice they are willing to make? That will leave you pretty hyped up to see how this ends.

If the time between the previous issue and this one left you forgetful of the mission at hand for Zula and Amanda, then this issue made short work of reminding you exactly what drives them to see this through to the bitter end. The perspective of this story so far has been excellent because we are seeing the worst of both the Xenomorphs and humanity (Weyland-Yutani). I would say that this was one of the high points from the art team because the best way to create horror in a story like this is to get as visceral as you can. For a book like this? That meant giving us the morbid imagery of all the ways in which the Xenomoprhs could slaughter these thousand people. The ripped up corpses, melted, even bursted bodies all told of story of how these people met their end.

With this chapter being titled ‘Detonation’, that gave us a lot to anticipate this month. We know that to get this job done, this team will have to set off one mighty explosion to make sure this planet of monsters can’t be used. Yet, that is easier said than done as we all know. So that leaves you wondering what kind of obstacles these two will face to reach that point. I was actually surprised by the way that the pacing picked up in this issue. It was the smart move considering there’s a lot of ground to cover over a short amount of time. It felt like there was a checklist they made for this last stretch, and for the most part it worked. There was of course action that was straight to the point as should be. There was that moment where things seemed hopeless, there was farewells, as well as small hints towards what could come after this story.

For Zula and Amanda, there wasn’t too much this time around which stood out in terms of giving them depth, but I suppose this wasn’t really the time for that with so much on the line. Instead, this finale gave them the opportunity to let their actions do the talking for them. I couldn’t argue with this because this creative team nailed the message sent about duty. The ind which got these two women to this point where all that mattered was the lengths they were willing to go in order to get justice.

As a continuation of both Aliens: Defiance and the video game Alien: Isolation, and being the first comic in the franchises to serve as a direct sequel to a game, Aliens: Resistance was another thrilling chapter to the ever expanding adventure in this universe. You couldn’t have asked for two better leads, or two follow one of the most ambitious attempts to put an end to the twisted use of the Xenomorphs by a corrupt corporation. I do hope that this isn’t the last we see of these characters and characters like them.

Aliens: Resistance #4




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