Review: Wonder Twins #4

Down to Earth, redefining, and quite adventurous. The Wonder Twins has been a delightful surprise from Wonder Comics so far. For those of us who know the Wonder Twins it is not hard to question whether they are heroes you could ever take seriously. However, this book so far has given us a version of the twins that doesn’t require the need for legitimacy or action on ever page.

Now for this fourth issue, I wasn’t too surprised that they would decide that this was the best time to explore possibilities for relationships with these twins. Being who they are, there’s not too much harm in trying to give them the full experience, which includes romance. Of course this means that there are some cliches for kids their age, but as with most things they have experienced so far, it all comes down to the approach which matters most. On one hand you have Jayne who is very eager to get her feet wet, and then you have Zan who for once has been given the opportunity to put the skills in charm that he thinks he has to use.

Getting back to what I said initially, everything tends to come down to the execution with these stories, and this creative team nailed it with the twist to what this date night turned into. It definitely got awkward, it got intense, and to say that a certain person was clueless about their date would have been an understatement. There was a lot to take in in a short amount of time and at the end of the day it was fairly entertaining.

The focus on Polly Math has actually been an interesting story to follow. If you thought she was going to be one of those characters thrown in for the sake of it, these past two issues have said otherwise. So far this is a story which works because you know it is building up to something big, but until then this is a character who has layers to peel back like the twins. Polly may not be an exiled alien from another planet, but she is also in the same boat where she lives a life that makes it difficult to do normal things for kids their age. At the same time, Polly’s father has proven to be just as interesting. I was shocked by the heartbreak I managed to feel from getting to know his story. It’s not easy being a villain who is not at the top of the food chain, and he serves as a reminder of what happens when you are not.

That aside, the villain angle continues to be goofy, but so far not in a bad way. Right now it was worth it for a revelation that escalated things in a way which hopefully pays off in the next issue.

I can’t say that too much stood out visually in this issue, but credit where it is due that Stephen Byrne consistently knocked it out of the park with glowing quality between the cover art and the interiors. Right now the boldness and depth to his color work makes the biggest difference in the overall appeal.

Wonder Twins #4 gave us a fun twist to date night. Many things can go wrong, and this creative team got bold with the situations Jayne, Zan, and Polly got themselves into. It was commendable that at the same time they were able to also get in some solid character development for a character you didn’t expect to hold as much relevance as she has so far.

Wonder Twins #4




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