Review: Go Go Power Rangers #20

When there’s already buzz about a sequel to the Power Rangers movie, I can’t help but think about the reason why someone who reads this book might enjoy this more. A book that never rushed through their stories, never made them cut-board cutouts of your average overly dramatic teens, or failed to give you balance to both halves of their lives. All while telling grand tales which enrich our understanding of their history, and adding to much that has already been established.

Then you have more than one issue where they indulge in the more classic moments like where this issue picks up for the Rangers. Once more dealing with a situation where Rita and her goons go on the attack with the Rangers trying to figure out where they can find their opening to strike back. I really enjoyed how they managed to regroup this time around. Normally something might happen that is all too convenient, but this time around you saw the kind of help come their way that you would sometimes expect to happen more frequently. Nonetheless, it was an exciting battle they got sucked into because this is personal when it is the Juice Bar attacked fulled of people they knew. Kim and Jason in particular stood out for the way that they sprung into action.

As I said last month, a schism is always possible with the Power Rangers, but how this creative team approached it was one of the more creative ways in creating one. You really would have thought this was an inevitability given all the conversations that Alpha-1 seemed to be winning over Zordon. Even if in your mind you knew how this would ultimately end, that didn’t change the possibility left on the table till the moment came to show if anyone could truly work with such extremes.

Considering how things ended for Rita and the spirit of her mother last month, I’m glad that this wasn’t the last that we would see of their mother-daughter bonding. That is if you would call this bonding since Rita has her chained up.

Now going back to that enriching history on the Power Rangers universe, when was the last time that anyone was really willing to tell the story of the Gym and Juice Bar Youth Center? This is the kind of thing you come to appreciate about Go Go Power Rangers. It’s not something that interferes with the ongoing storyline, or distracts you from the main objective of that given issue. It only adds, and in the case of this story told, I felt it hit close to home for anyone who has ever felt that they needed that one place they could escape to when they were a kid. For some it may be the arcade, a shop, but here in this world it is the Juice Bar.

Once more the art team for this book outdid themselves. The fun in a book like this is when the artists are really able to let loose. For the first bit of this issue there was of course the flashback that every issue had, and I admired the work put into it as we were able to see many characters young and in their prime. After that, it was an action-packed experience with these Rangers attempting to foil another assault from Rita, Goldar, and company. As I said above, I liked the visual of Kim and Jason showing off their impressive agility and swordsmanship. Not to mention the way Alpha-1 is given such a simple design, yet the colors packing enough of a punch to show that he is powerful. Between the strength of the colors put into his electric glow, and the creativity put into the giant mech he turns into, this is definitely up there as one of the best enemies they have created.

Go Go Power Rangers #20 was definitely the kind of issue we needed from this series to cement what it means to make the hard call for these heroes. Again, you kind of knew how this was going to turn out, but that didn’t change the arguments or idea that even short a short time these Rangers could feud over the lines they could cross to save more innocents.

Go Go Power Rangers #20




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