Review: Justice League #24

If anyone was looking for a story where this Justice League could be challenged in ways unimaginable? Then this is the book for you! We all like to joke that these stories are too easy when we are talking about heroes who are the very definition of overpowered. However, this creative team has shown us just how far they are willing to push these heroes to prove that it will take more than power to overcome the obstacles set before them. It takes will, the ability to make the hard call, and the perseverance to get back up whenever you get knocked down.

I have to say, initially I did not know where they were going with these flashbacks to Clark and Jon on Earth. I thought it was just some way to get creative with the dialogue for the sake of being deep or moving. I was glad to be quickly wrong when they were bringing up all of these powerful moments which fuel the concept of hope from Superman. When you think of Supes, you think of and endless fountain of hope. This was one of those defining moments where you wanted to show why he can’t afford to lose that, even in his darkest moments. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Superman, I was impressed by what they have been able to do with a situation that should be quite impossible for him to overcome. Despite knowing what will happen in he kept fighting back, you couldn’t help but root for the last person on the team who you would want to see suffer like this for simply existing.

With the rest of the team, that was honestly one heck of a twist they threw our way. That we could reach a point in time where the Legion of Doom would actually realize that they made the wrong call when unleashing this darkness unto the multiverse was not what you were prepared for at this stage. Not even the inclusion of Darkseid of all beings. All of this made you anxious for answers. Now while for the sake of time they didn’t get into serious detail about where things went wrong for the Legion, it was comforting to see a different side to all of them which challenged the idea that they were all irredeemable. I actually couldn’t stop myself from cheering for them in their last panel of the issue. That image and line from one of them is one that will stick with you.

As for Batman, it was a point of interest to see where he would continue to find himself sure that siding with the World Forger might be the best way to save the multiverse. Truthfully I wouldn’t think it would take that much effort as long as you were telling the guy he was right. Fortunately that didn’t stop the World Forger from telling Batman exactly what he wanted to hear, and showing him exactly what he needed to see in order to set up a confrontation you would have never seen coming when this story began. What made me hopeful for what’s to come was seeing that there was a way to level the playing field between them, because we all know that it’s not that believable for one guy to take on the League just by knowing their weaknesses.

For the most part the quality was the same for this art team, so it was the more creative elements which we turned to which stood out the most. Let’s start with the Legion of Doom. I loved the character design for this version of them. They all looked properly aged, worn down from all of the fighting, and wearing a lot of clear battle scars from what they had to endure to get to this point. Then there was the imagery created through Superman’s side of the story. It was a beautiful presentation they gave to his flashbacks, while also giving us this struggling Superman who is digging deeper than he ever has to show that it will take removing the sun to stop him. The malnourished look was fitting for someone who has had his main source of power stripped from his reach. Then the last thing which popped out was the final suit from Batman. I believe this one tops just about all of them so far. I could not argue with the white and gold for the way it fit his mission and what the Future League represents.

Overall, Justice League #24 was a rollercoaster of emotions from choices and decisions that this team was forced to make in unique situations. What you have to love about this book right now is that this creative team went big without going overboard. Here we are still captivated by everything genuine about these heroes, and they have accomplished this without the need to make this too intricate or in need of more explanation than necessary.

Justice League #24




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