Review: Livewire #6

If you asked me where I thought Amanda would find herself in this new solo series? I would not have been able to tell you getting captured by soldiers who almost stripped her of her powers, or facing down a psiot who she grew up with in the Harbinger Foundation, or even being captured by an organization that thinks they have the better path towards peace for the young psiots.

While last month we did get our initial tour of the Psiot Safety & Education Program, none of that truly mattered until we could also see things from Amanda’s perspective. That didn’t mean we had to overlook the point of view from Phoebe, or Jada and Byrne, but the big thing here is opening Amanda and ourselves up to other forms of help that are possible. This experience from her perspective was engaging and to the point. There was nothing to argue with when for the most part she was seeing what goes on on the surface, as the rest of us have. A solid story progression that you know is building up to a reveal that catches everyone off guard.

Till then, I enjoyed a lot of the callbacks to what it was like in the Harbinger Foundation. That may seem like a long time ago for Valiant fans, but every word exchanged between Amanda, Jada, and Byrne spoke volumes to what is going on here that is so similar to what has been done in the past. While it was hard to still see them as the enemy, beyond some acts of hostility, you still couldn’t find yourself trusting what you don’t see in its entirety.

For Amanda herself, a lot of the strength in her character writing was her ability to be self-aware during times like this. The difference between herself and anyone else who could be tossed in her position is that she always assesses what goes on around her before acting. This could have been one of those things where she takes every opportunity to openly rebel and make things instantly worse for herself. However, they did her character justice by slowly taking everything around her whether the results were to her liking or not. What will matter most in the coming issues is how she takes action because that is usually where this story is at its best.

As I said last month, the dangers keep evolving in this series. This is what you came to expect from the box Amanda opened, and so far the results have been satisfying encountering threats we haven’t seen before in this corner of the Valiant Universe.

For this issua in particular there was a couple of thing which stood out that I wasn’t able to admire the same way in the previous issue. I liked the way that Kano really had fun with some of the character expressions this time around. There was a lot more playful reactions, grins, general responses that would give you a false sense of security during a time where everyone is testing each other. When Amanda is more interested in collecting information before acting, it was nice seeing her being like any other person who is welcomed somewhere they are skeptical of. Her body language said a lot that her words didn’t have to. With that said, there was an action sequence which also stood out too. I thought it was pretty awesome for the fact that the actions and movements were neither constrained by borderlines or the settings they took place in. Aside from this, absolutely loved the colors once again which make up the digital world Amanda steps into. Its unique to her, including the way she naturally flows through that space.

Livewire #6 wasted little time showing us just what there is to worry about when it comes to the Psiot Safety & Education Program. They may not wear evil on their sleeves like everyone else, but when the sales pitch sounds so painfully familiar? You know that you should brace yourself for what will come once the covers are pulled from this attempt at peace for young psiots.

Livewire #6




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