Review: Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2

If The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was just a bit too dark for you, or maybe too traditional magic, or maybe you want a splash of fun in indulging in magic? Then Sabrina The Teenage Witch is the book for you! The first issue hit us with a satisfying start striking an excellent balance between being magical, nostalgic, and giving us the organic school experience.

Let’s not also forget that the debut issue for this new ongoing delivered on terrors that truly challenge this young witch pretty quick. It took this creative team no time at all to show us what kind of problems this Sabrina will have to tackle on top of everything else going on in her life. How Sabrina handled this first situation was a treat because this established where we are in her life as a teenage witch. A point where she is comfortable enough as a witch to be able to fight off creatures, and make allies with those who aren’t what they seem on the surface.

When you have a book like this, one of the big sells you want to have for it is what it can offer that is new. When you read Sabrina The Teenage Witch, its hard not to instantly start thinking of the whimsical 90’s show. People couldn’t help themselves doing that when Chilling Adventures came out in comic and tv form. It was small things here and there, but they have so far satisfied offering things which set this story apart. Whether it is a new location in the Spellman home or different takes on social connections, these things make a big difference in keeping readers coming back for more. For me personally, it was the bits of information consistently thrown at us about magic. Explanations for even the smallest item or action is welcomed for the sense of engagement they are trying to create.

What I admired about this second issue was the boldness to jump into a big storyline from the jump. What Sabrina and company experienced in the first issue could have simply been a one and done thing, but here we are with a big mystery to unravel, and it is not one that you can fix with any single spell. I believe we were all also expecting this to be super light, and I like that they actually found a middle ground without going too much in one direction over the other. This story is light to an extent, but in no way does this downplay the seriousness of the dangers Sabrina faces. It works this way considering the world of the supernatural these days is better experienced when there is a fear to what is lurking around the corner.

Like the first issue, there was a lot to admire about the interior work from this art team. Well, not just the interiors as the cover is just as gorgeous if not for the way that it perfectly captures the world of Sabrina with just one image and the right use of youthful vibrancy from the colors. The same colors which also stand out throughout most of the interior pages. Especially the scenes involving Sabrina spellcasting. I enjoyed the flair and brilliance of the shade of pink that they use. Other colors did pop as well depending on the spell used, and it should go without saying that the unique design of each spell was authentic enough without relying on the use of sigils. That aside, where he pencils stood out was the way in which these characters were very expressive. Many of the connections these characters make with one another is full of energy, which I would also add is due to the body language from the characters as well.

The first issue of Sabrina The Teenage Witch gave us a taste of what we have to look forward to from a world less chilling, but this second issue dived straight in to give us more of a reason to invest in this story and version of Sabrina. What we got from Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2 as a whole was uniqueness and engagement that you don’t normally get from the other series.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch #2




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