Doom Patrol “Penultimate Patrol” Review

Sometimes all you need to read is the words penultimate to know that you’re going to be in for a good time. Especially when this team of misfits have finally gotten over themselves and the very things which hold them back to see that they do have it in them to take on Mr. Nobody. Even with their crap together it may seem impossible, but with the added help of one fired up Flex Mentallo? I think these guys definitely have a shot at being legitimate heroes.

When I first saw the photos and promos, I was excited that we could once again see Danny the Street. Between tv and film, Danny is hands down the most unique encounter we have had. Speaking of unique, what I loved about this initial scene was how this show finally cemented itself as one that is not for kids. Many things about this show has sent that message in past episodes, but not like what happened here. Not when a first try from Flex Mentallo to get to the White Space caused a massive bodily function from everyone in the town to occur at the same time. That aside, I simply loved this episode opening up to the team finally in a better place than they have ever been before. Full of confidence in what they have to do next, and past all of the trivial things that would usually cause them to stir trouble with each other.


The big confrontation with Mr. Nobody was nothing at all what you would have imagined it to be, and that was a good thing. I mean, maybe you would have loved to actually see some action, but honestly this isn’t one of those teams. What we did get was an awesome affirmation of the journey that these characters have been through when challenged one more time by this villain to turn away. Being given a chance to start again and forget Chief made sense as the hail mary from Mr. Nobody. This is a guy who loves playing mind games more than anything else. Just saying that they have changed meant little if they weren’t ready to show it when it mattered most. I was impressed by all of them and the way they were able to acknowledge where they went wrong, accept what they became, and finally look to the future.

It was even entertaining having that one scene where one of them was clever enough to figure out how to play Mr. Nobody’s game. Knowing the White Space was just as important as knowing Mr. Nobody. And speaking of that, there was no better time than now to also get into the story of this villain. His story was sad, but it was also funny at the same time when the opinion of the Doom Patrol over it was both brutal and blunt. I mean, for us it was definitely sad because we were experiencing him at a lowest point in his life, but to the others? This was more than likely seen as weak compared to what they all went through.


Being the penultimate episode, it wasn’t hard to imagine that this was not where things would end for this team. Any assumption that they could wrap this up in one go would have been ridiculous. That isn’t to say that a certain cycle of scenes wasn’t bold for the time it took up, but there had to still be some challenge or torment at the hands of Mr. Nobody to shake things up.

There was only a couple things about this episode that disappointed me. One disappointment was not seeing more of Flex Mentallo. Sure, with the help of Flex Mentallo and Danny the Street, the group is able to enter the White Space to save Chief, but you still wouldn’t have thought his part would end there. You could also argue that this isn’t his fight, but he’s there and had the power to tip the scales in their favor. This wasn’t much of a problem, though raised a question that is hard to ignore. The other was playing too hard into this tension between Cyborg and his father. It is a thing that they have trust issues, but the twist they threw him this time around felt a bit too much. We should have been fine with the idea that Silas doesn’t act in the best interest of Victor without some world shattering secret revealed.

Doom Patrol “Penultimate Patrol” is another one of the highlight episodes of this season. As Mr. Nobody said last week, this is what we have all been looking forward to when investing ourselves in this superhero story. They may not be your typical superheroes, but at some point they had to start acting like it. I think most will love that even if the moment was fleeting, they managed to look the part.

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