Happy! “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” Review

Last week’s Happy! was a wonderful opportunity to begin to get to know Smoothie and the role he has to play in this plot. For everyone else, it was a great time to see just how far they are all ready to go to get what they want. The best part? That was only a taste in comparison to what we are in store for this week!

I’m not going to lie, the build-up to Amanda’s birth was chilling. Love her or hate her right now, this kind of scenario is never easy to sit through. You know, being pregnant with something that’s not only not yours, but also inhuman? If thinking of what comes out doesn’t terrify you, then it is also the fate of the person giving birth. I appreciated that in this moment Amanda could finally wake up about the reality of her situation. I didn’t know if it was the baby, whatever Sonny gave her that’s in the vial, or the amount of alcohol she kept consuming, but you would have thought it simple to connect the dots that this wasn’t the kind of pregnancy to be excited for. With that said, it took until this very episode, but Amanda also finally had her shining moment in the season. It was worth the wait to finally see what she could bring to the table with a clear head for once. If it wasn’t what she did in that moment, it was as well what she said.

Happy! - Season 2
HAPPY! — “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” Episode 209 — Pictured: Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY)

What elevated the moment of Amanda going through labor was the monologue from Orcus. I must say that the best that Ritchie Coster has been able to offer on this show is as this demon possessing Scaramucci’s body. Blue is great, but limiting for how far he is able to go as either a villain or someone who is able to get complex with his dialogue. Orcus creates so much freedom to embrace the role.

Now let’s talk about the team-up of Nick and Merry. Who hasn’t loved everything that has gotten these two to where they are now? I loved that they could finally find themselves walking the same line and breaking the same rules to get the job done. This isn’t to say that Merry is all the way there, but she knows now the kind of game that you have to play in order to bring some of these powerplayers down. As for Nick, the guy finally found some direction to his madness. Doesn’t change the kind of violence he inflicted, but a little meaning never hurt.

Happy! - Season 2
HAPPY! — “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Lili Mirojnick as Detective Meredith McCarthy, Chris Meloni as Nick Sax — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY)

Happy! also would not be such a great show if there wasn’t sincere moments as well. Both Nick and Amanda this week got their time to reflect on every mistake they have made whether it was the things they did these past eight episodes, or the things that happened way before. These two characters are far from perfect, and it is worthwhile to know that what we see is never what’s just on the surface.

Between Sonny Shine and Smoothie, there was no shortage of villainous interactions packed into this hour. It was about time that we could see a true birth of Sonny after his introduction to those monsters. Aside from Sonny’s methods to gain influence, they were the next big thing that he has always taken advantage of to get what he wanted. The story was straightforward, as well as finding that time to show what Sonny was going to do next after this cancellation. With one episode to go, it was definitely too soon to assume that he was done for. The way he bounced back was quite genius, even if you know that he is still a pawn in a bigger game played. One which Smoothie on the other hand is playing brilliantly. The strings he has been able to pull to get Nick and Amanda to play his game was entertaining. Not just because he was unkillable, but because he was consistently able to keep two ticking time-bombs in order.

Happy! - Season 2
HAPPY! — “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Patton Oswald as Happy!, Ritchie Coster as Blue — (Photo by: SYFY)

A big twist came in the form of Happy. Just when you think you’ve seen everything from the little guy, he manages to surprise you in new and unique ways. Most of this season it involved his state of mind having been exposed to so much darkness, but this time around it was a discovery of his true nature in the face of real darkness. This brought about what is arguably the most adult moment of the season so far. I thanked someone out there that they decided to blur out the things that would have burned our eyes if we saw in full view.

Happy! “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” I would call one of the best scripted episodes of the season. Everything about this week’s episode was well-rounded, and by that I mean the action was standout, the character moments, and the levels of ridiculousness. I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up when with so much that happened in this hour, we still have three big bads to take down before its all over.


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