Review: Dial H for Hero #3

Dial H for Hero may be a miniseries, but you admire this book for the same reason that you would Naomi. These are two books which realize that they have to sell us on new characters in familiar worlds, and do so within a small window of time. So far I would say that Dial H for Hero has nailed it the past two issues, and continues to do so through the events of this third.

Compared to the two issues before, things get a bit crazier, but it’s the kind of chaos unleashed that you would expect when the H-Dial is in the possession of someone who has craved it’s power for so long. Like the second issue, what we had to brace ourselves for was what would happen with Corinne holding. Working up to that point was great because they took it a step further to show us how desperate it must be for someone to have this power in the palm of their hands again. Through Corinne, you almost feel a bit of sympathy considering all these people after the H-Dial are broken individuals being exploited to snatch this thing up for Mr. Thunderbolt.

Now when I say expected chaos, what I do mean was the inevitability that Corrine would use the H-Dial herself. This new hero they created was impressive for something you really have never seen before. This goes for both the character design, and the powers. Not to mention how this one played with the way that we read this issue when she emerged. That was where the artwork shined for this issue. Everything else up to that point was fairly consistent with what you have seen before until the dial and everything changed. The style of the layout, the form of the lettering. I mean I’m pretty sure that most people will have to turn their heads just to follow one sequence of panels. The best way that I could describe one panel was if you were seeing a freeze frame of the Twilight Zone opening sequence.

What I admired this time around was the focus placed on Summer in contrast to Miguel. Last issue was all about us getting to know him, but this third issue spent the time allowing us to get to know Summer and why this adventure with her is important. She had to be running away from home for a good reason, and I believed that reason as it was revealed to us. She lived the kind of life that any kind of kid would run away from given the same kind of opportunity. The approach to this origin story was creative as well because we saw things from both her perspective, and one warped by the H-Dial. Both sides added enough clarity to get a clear picture of who she is.

While these were two scenes without too much context for us who are new to the world of Dial H for Hero, it was welcoming that they have decided that we should get to know the two powerplayers involved in the battle for possession of the H-Dial. For those of us new to this series, we could see that there was actually a bond between the Wizard and Mr. Thunderbolt. I just hope that the next half of this miniseries will elaborate on the little we got out of this issue, whether through the same form of flashbacks or straight from Mr. Thunderbolt himself when he finally makes his grand entrance.

Dial H for Hero #3 was a wild ride that you wish you didn’t have to get off from. Summer’s backstory was more than satisfactory, the action was creative, and the hero creations were not only bold, they were unique. To say that they are never before seen is quite the understatement, and that continues to make this book memorable.

Dial H for Hero #3




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