Review: Justice League Dark #11

If you thought the Justice League was facing impossible odds? Justice League Dark gives you a good look at what it really looks like. Judgement is on it’s way, but Doctor Fate, his Lords of Order, and The Otherkind are already here! And they are showing the magic community that they will have to dig deeper than they ever have in their lives to overcome this threat to their existence.

The choice that the magic community was given to relinquish their magic to save their lives was one heck of a twist that you couldn’t have seen coming at a time like this. While this issue didn’t end on the result of their decision, the build-up and suspense up to that point was thrilling. I mean, to an extent this part of the storyline is predictable because there’s no way for these magic users to survive the Lords of Order, but you still care about these characters enough that you are invested in the twists and turns they go through in order to figure a way out of this situation. Now what they did experience in these moments as a result of the attack on Myrra was devastating. That was probably the first example we were able to receive up close of what happens when magic is erased, and that made the danger seem so much real.

On the other side of the story we still had Wonder Woman and Zatanna on their mission to fight fire with fire to give our heroes a chance of fighting back. Up to this point, I do have to admit that I was wary of where this storyline was going. I mean these two did pretty much leave everyone else running for their lives in order find a power capable of putting fear into the Lords of Order and Otherkind. This could have gone right, or wrong, and nothing is certain in a story like this. Fortunately at this point you do come to understand that there really is a plan to follow in its stages. This step just so happening to be the most crucial. I would say that what I enjoyed most was the end result that was not quite how you would have pictured it for Wonder Woman and Zatanna. Probably the best case scenario for anyone who wanted to see something new emerge in this corner of the DC Universe.

With that said, I should also say that their encounter with Mordru, the Lord of Chaos, was thrilling because this is an entity that challenged everything you thought was dangerous about these higher beings. The guy pretty much makes the things the Lords of Order can do child’s play. That is a chilling realization, and the guy still presents himself in such a playful manner to Wonder Woman and Zatanna.

Mordru wasn’t the only one playful in this issue. The same could be said for this art team and their continued twisted vision of this crisis. When you’ve grown accustomed to the art style from this team, it’s the unique things they toss into the mix which grab your attention most. In the case of this issue that turned out to be their approach to recreating scenes of horror, and tapping into the darker side of magic. The last time we saw bodies decayed to falling apart was at the start of this book, and this issue gave us a quick reminder of some of the more grim ways you can meet an end in this world. The power Wonder Woman and Zatanna tapped into created two of the most unique character designs we have also seen in the book as well.

Justice League Dark #11 was nightmare fuel, and I do think a little bit of that is just what we needed in the stage we are in the story. The stakes are real, the dangers are real, and we should be able to believe that with every twist or loss.


Justice League Dark #11




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