Review: The Terrifics #16

Last month opened us up to a new chapter in the lives of Mr. Terrific, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man. I would dare to call this chapter bold and indulging because this team is not only legitimized, they are finally facing dangers that are within their realm of expertise. Well, maybe not for all of them, but this is what you get when they aren’t fighting a forced tether or someone who has been plotting against them since issue one.

As usual, what I loved about this team was the way that they were playfully able to engage in action. We all know the kind of guy that Mr. Terrific can be, but this was that time to dial him back and let the others indulge in the moment. It pays off for a book like this because Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man have a fun dynamic. Their powers allow them to be bold, creative, and not to mention unique for their skillsets. Even if it wasn’t their actions standing out, it was their responses to what was unfolding around them as well. They aren’t the geniuses, so the conversation was lively being able to get each of their perspectives on what they thought they were dealing with. Especially Plastic Man who was convinced that they were dealing with some sort of god.

When it came to the relationship of Mr. and Ms. Terrific, I enjoyed their interactions more this time around. Part of me can understand where they would find trouble thinking they could replace their lost loves with each other, but at the same time could you ever think of a more perfect pairing? When something like that makes so much sense, it hurts to see when the opposite outcome is what you recieve. Does that mean it’s bad? Not at all, but certainly not favorable either. So with this issue, the scenes in which they indulged us in these two sharing happy moments grabbed your attention more than anything else.

That aside, the plot was strong for this chapter as well. Given the exciting image we were given of the team on the cover, what you looked forward to more than anything else was what would happen when the team suits up for action. While Plastic Man’s ramblings would lead one t believe the plagues are among them, there was no denying the game-like aspects of the simulator which stood out most. How they adapted to the set of rules in this game was entertaining, even if they weren’t fully aware of what would happen if they did too much of their own thing.

The artwork for The Terrifics has never been anything less than a marvel, but this is THE BEST that the interior art has been so far. We’ve ventured into cyberspace in many books before this, but this was definitely one of the better images created of what that reality could look like. I would say mainly because no one had to force the idea that this was all digital. We didn’t need to see the coding in the background, or see distortions in every other direction. Every setting was a full rendering, fully engaged with, and it was the setting itself which mattered more. Particularly one that would thrust this team into combat involving shields and swords. Where I also believe that this was some of the best interior work for this issue was the boldness taken to the things Plastic Man and Metamorpho could do. You would think you’ve seen everything and this art team proved that you could do so much more. I mean *Spoiler* Who would have thought that Plastic Man could turn into a fully functioning truck with a solid view of his interior too *Spoiler*?

Credit where it is due, The Terrifics reminds us with every passing issue why this is one of the last books to have survived from DC’s initiative, The New Age of Heroes. Most of the other books did not survive because they couldn’t take advantage of the room to give us something new, the time it should take to sell us on the characters/story, or the reasons to continue coming back for more. The Terrifics knocks it out of the park in every category. Hopefully this series can continue to do so!

The Terrifics #16




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