Happy! Season Finale “Resurrection” Review

Everything has come down to tonight’s confrontation. I’m not going to lie, I was actually a bit wary about the turnout in focusing on Easter of all Holidays. They said they would do a Holiday each season, and this one initially felt like it didn’t have an endgame. I was glad to be wrong about this, everything was always leading to this moment where Sonny would have his big Easter special, and Orcus would enact his big plan to kill Sonny in the middle of it.

This hour was all about Sonny’s Easter Eggtacular. The treat for those of us who actually wanted to see something of a finished product for Sonny’s special, what would happen when Hailey actually gets close enough to Sonny to kill him, and what lengths Nick and Amanda will go to in order to stop this sinister series of plans from succeeding. The character growth for Nick and Amanda was commendable. It mattered so much to see what kind of people they could be when they had their crap together. To see the actual villains in front of them, and realize what it is that they’re fighting for. The fun was nonstop when they didn’t care about their responsibilities, though this was the point they were always meant to reach. They just needed a little push from the likes of Smoothie.

HAPPY! — “Resurrection” Episode 210 — Pictured: (l-r) Patton Oswald as Happy!, Chris Meloni as Nick Sax — (Photo by: SYFY)

Speaking of Smoothie, I have enjoyed every moment from this guy this second season. Smoothie evolved from just another lackey, to someone you could actually fear because he had direction. Not to mention motivation for what was done to him by Nick in the first season finale. He became much more than the twisted things he does for his profession as well. The build-up to Hailey’s assassination attempt on Sonny was chilling for every word from Smoothie which taunted her parents for their failure at their job.

When the Easter Eggtacular began, I was a bit taken back by the quality that went into the production. Knowing the kind of guy Sonny is, they did not hold back in how flashy this show would turn out to be. Excellent setting overall between the lighting, the streamers, even the use of all the space around the stage. I was even a bit impressed by Sonny’s costume which didn’t look as cringey as you would have feared. Now how Hailey found herself close enough to take a shot at Sonny was clever. Being a part of the show makes sense, and what role she had to play in order to do so was shocking for the side to Hailey that we never got to see till now. Everything was an act, but it was a good thing to know that her face wasn’t stuck the way it has been the past how many episodes. What mattered more to me at the end of the day was having a kid with this much screen time that didn’t feel problematic. She held her own, and carried her weight in importance to the overall plot.

Nick and Amanda’s rescue attempt was the highlight of the episode of course. They got violent, they got ridiculous, and they knew the kind of sacrifice they would have to make in order to save Hailey from herself.

HAPPY! — “Resurrection” Episode 210 — Pictured: Bryce Lorenzo as Hailey Hansen — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY)

Happy had very few notable scenes this season. It’s strange to say, but for a show called Happy!, it’s hard to really call this imaginary friend the main attraction. That honor goes to Nick, but right now we are talking about Happy because he had himself of his best episodes yet. I say this for the fact that his growth genuinely came full circle. For someone who represented so much innocence in the world, these two seasons did nothing but expose him to the worst. Challenging him to dig for the the purpose in someone who exists in this kind of world. While the answer to that is up in the air, he certainly did pick up a powerful new ability along the way. I’m glad that they didn’t waste any of the scenes that made you question the things he can and should be able to do.

The only disappointment for this finale ended up being Orcus. As the big villain pulling the strings. He didn’t do nearly as much as he should have to ensure that things went his way. All that power, and for the most part there was just a series of reaction shots from him. It was only really his final play that grabs your attention because of what it sets up for the possible next season. One could say the same about Sonny, but his main purpose here was to put on a show, and bow out when his time came. There wasn’t too much expectation from someone who was simply a pawn with trivial needs.

So let’s look at our check box for the Happy! season finale, “Resurrection”. This season lived up to the expectation that this would get more outrageous and vulgar, the action next-level, and they never once let us forget that the theme was Easter. For as crazy as things got, they neither let us forget that this show can be equally endearing with a solid plot to follow for Nick and his family. And all of this wrapped up nicely while giving us a hint as to what the next season should center around.

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