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When you have a return of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from BOOM! Studios and it’s an instant hit? Why not give the fans Angel as well? These aren’t reboots of the stories that we loved. The last run of Buffy from Dark Horse Comics gave us so much content which followed The Scoobies, Angel and company into adulthood. This run is expected to add so much to the story that came before season 8 and we are only four to five issues in.

After so log away from the Angel we ended our last story on, it took some time to get used to this vampire with a soul who is back to square one. Still damning himself with regret who the things he did in his past and refusing himself to get any sort of happy ending. Now some could say that we are just turning back to same old same old for Angel, but honestly, who even remembers all of this? Plus this is another story like Buffy’s which is taken from a new perspective. As the first issue, this was welcoming because there was nothing rehashed about Angel at this point in his history. Whether it was his flashbacks of the past, or the interactions he has in the present, all of it was a new experience.

Now for a first issue, I was glad that they dodged certain points where one could almost call it a bit wordy. Normally I would never point this out because the right dialogue can make a story engaging for the readers. However, you still want to make sure that it doesn’t get to a point where someone could spend more time reading than admiring the art. I mean, there are some creative teams out there who take it to a point where you might get bored. Fortunately for us, there was depth to everything we read. Angel is a deep guy and sometimes you do have to let that wisdom shine.

With that said, it was appreciated to also still get those inner thoughts from Angel. As someone who spends a lot of his time alone and hating himself, it only makes sense that he would have a lot going on upstairs. Especially when there are things on his mind that you wouldn’t expect him to actually say to the person who he is interacting with.

The new threat which Angel deals with here was pretty cool for a start. This wasn’t a vampire problem, and my main concern initially was that he would just be dealing with vampires. Lucky for us that between Angel and Buffy, they are handling a wide variety ot supernatural situations. That is something to invest in when this new threat also is one that takes advantage of the time it is set in. I don’t remember phones or internet playing a big part in the series before, but it makes sense when you ultimately want to keep these stories updated with the rest of the world.

Like Buffy, one of the big things to have looked forward to was how the interior art would look. It goes without saying that there are some expectations for Angel when a majority of the other hit licensed books look stunning. You would want the same for this book as well. I’m glad to say that we were not disappointed with this art team. They really knew how to tap into the expressive styling of characters when a story presents itself as personal. Angel’s face always told a story of its own, the vampire transformations were chilling, and the consistent use of dark colors was fitting knowing that most of this story would take place at night. In general I would also say there was a solid mix of cold and warm colors. Especially considering the time period half of this tends to take place in.

Angel #1 gives you hope for what this re-imagining of the vampire with a soul has in store for us. As they said, this is a brand new, modern take on one of the most iconic vampires in pop culture, and every opportunity was taken to attract both new readers.

Angel #1




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