Review: Blossoms 666 #4

The introduction of Julian changed the game in a big way. This could have been pretty straightforward as far as what if stories go when it came to these twins fighting for the right to be the Anti-Christ, but throwing Julian into the mix shakes things up. You wonder where he has been, what made him return for this very moment, and what his intentions may be as someone who clearly didn’t live the same privileged life.

With this being the fourth issue, it helped that they finally showed us the kind of life that Julian lived. While there are bigger mysteries involving the plot, he’s just as much of an enigma himself. Even as someone now in the race to win the title, its hard not to question what other motivations he must have. The opening scene gave us more than enough insight into what goes through his head. Especially when they decide to give us a side by side transition of scenes highlighting the contrast between the spoiled life the twins lived, and the nightmarish life that Julian lived. The only problem I had with this was how we still don’t know the actual reason for giving Julian up. Was it a choice? Were they forced? This is an important question to leave up in the air.

What came next for Julian was a solid transition from that first scene. This was the first time that we got a tease as to what we could expect from Julian. For all the sinister looks he has been giving since his introduction, it was inevitable that he would actually say what he hoped to gain from his involvement.

It was smart that the Blossom twins weren’t seen as so dense. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be too much change to their gameplans with the sudden inclusion of Julian. It only made sense that they would find a moment to discuss what this should mean to them and either of their chances of winning. The conversation was impressively straightforward, as well as that one thing that would assure us and them that this is a twist they should take seriously. What wheels got turning in this issue was a big step up from what we got out of the first two issues. There was much less vagueness to the strings they were pulling and the intention of pulling those strings.

Like the issue before, a lot of the appeal for the interior artwork comes from the quality of work that goes into these characters. This may be somewhat of a thriller, but there is more personal engagement than anything else. That means you need a penciler who knows how to make the conversations convincing, reactions believable, and take story angles from the right perspective. I would say that so far Laura Braga has nailed this. In terms of perspective, I would say that the opening scene was where she did her best just for the transition between Julian’s upbringing and the twins’. The same could be said for Matt Herms who knows exactly how to set the mood and atmosphere for this story. His color choice at the same time works perfectly when the background color behind the panels is black instead of white.

Blossoms 666 #4 was for the most part all about Julian, and there was no better time to finally get to know this surprise new character. With that said, not everything is known, and I’m anxious to get to know the full story as well. As they say, the devil is in the details.

Blossoms 666 #4




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