Review: Punk Mambo #2

So far this book is everything Punk Mambo that you have wanted to see from this character since she started stepping up in the Valiant Universe. Being a liaison is great, saving the supernatural world is great, but this is our time to see what Punk can do when she is off doing her own thing. The kind of thing that has already showed us that she has the capacity to care a lot for other people and things other than herself.

Picking up from where the first issue ended off, this creative team wasted little time giving us exactly what we love to see from Punk Mambo. When she is at her best, she is defiant and disrespectful as hell. If you weren’t familiar with the kind of character she was, you got a good idea as to what you were dealing with when it was more than just telling people to sod off. One could say this personality and attitude of hers is like every other stereotypical Brit, but its nonetheless fun when done right. Even I felt like I got a better understanding of where she stands with the loa pantheon.

Her inner thoughts throughout the issue were as well on point. If it wasn’t what she said directly, or her actions which also spoke for themselves, it was the things she revealed to us in her head which told a story of how she came to be this kind of Mambo. By the end of this issue we got the message that she is not the kind of person who enjoys being used or following rules. Does this make her a hypocrite for the way she has used Aye? Possibly, but that is loas at the core.

With this second issue, there was a stronger focus on the plot for this mini. It was smart use of time to use the opening scene as a way to create direction. Even though we had this demon named Uncle Gunnysack abducting loas or whatever Punk Mambo was doing before running into the demon, none of this told us where the next four issues would lead her. The endgame couldn’t just be saving Ayezan, so this addressing of the actual stakes in stopping Uncle Gunnysack and whoever pulls its strings was much needed. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t another solo adventure for Punk Mambo. She found herself surrounded by an interesting crowd. One familiar to who she is, while the other all-new and not down with who she is. The new character worked for me because some of the best interactions with Punk Mambo is when the person clashes with her personality.

A lot of things stood out in this issue due to the spectacular work from this art team. The magical brawl in a bazaar was standout for the kind of action Punk Mambo and her new ally delivered. One would not assume Punk to be so formidable in battle, but we are now proven wrong when she puts the bottles and potions down to really get her hands dirty. The spear is awesome, has a nice glow, and that was also nothing compared to some of the more sinister images that she can apparently put into someone’s head. I enjoy a magic user who takes no rules to new levels when it comes to showing no mercy. Things got visceral too, and I’m always impressed with an art team that can pull this off without losing form or quality.The most notable scene for this art team just so happened to be the rendering of the voodoo gods. It was creative because they all looked so different from one another and gave you chills for the theatrics they put on for Punk Mambo. The piercing red eyes, towering perspective, all of it did a great job of setting a mood.

The supernatural spectacular continues in Punk Mambo #2, and we walked away learning a lot about this misfit mambo. Whether it was re-emphasizing things we already knew, or making sure that new readers were welcomed properly into her world, this second issue excelled for the balance given to fleshing out her character while at the same time furthering the plot.

Punk Mambo #2




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