Review: Birthright #36

I still remember at the end of Birthright #35 believing that we would be looking forward to what came next in the following month. Only to be hit with a break which lasted from the beginning of March, to the beginning of June. Quite the wait during such an important time in the story. Not that I’m arguing. Birthright is a series that does exceptionally well for the fact that a creative team is working on it who understanding that you can’t rush quality work out. Sometimes you needs breaks between, and you’re never going to end up waiting a whole year like some other books.

With that said, big things did happen through the events of Birthright #35. An issue which concluded one breath-taking confrontation between two brothers who finally found themselves able to see eye to eye on their situation. One more obstacle as well that the Rhodes family has overcome to continue marching through this battle. As I said before, destiny is just destiny, and prophecy is just prophecy, until you begin to take matters into your own hands. That is what this family was finally able to do when they decided to turn to the agents for help. Their entrance may have been a bit over the top, but wouldn’t you want to show that the very people on your tail shouldn’t be so quick to think that they are the predators? Either way, this was the start of a battle that finally had some direction without question.

Well, question to some extent. What came next felt fitting for the fact that what followed had to be a bit informational rather than action-packed. This was that time to put all the cards on the table between what the Rhodes family knows, an what these soldiers know about the magical situation on Earth. It was refreshing to finally not see the agent, or Boomer, or the rest of this organization as the enemy. They were in fact in the way, but that was because there was little trust between either side to be on the same page about the true threat to the world. A lot of things still did play out how you would imagine when expecting not everybody to be ready to take orders from the other. Some played nice, some did not. The one who did caught be by surprise since they were able to retrieve the most important piece of information that anyone could have needed at a time like this. As for Mikey, this was just another step in him getting back to something familiar to humanity. It was easier now more than ever to see the damage which was done to him over the years. The flashback in this issue we could have gone without and still understood he went through some stuff.

It wasn’t really Mikey uncovering the secret history of magic on Earth, but it was uncovered nonetheless. They wasted little time at the start of this issue jumping right into that story and how the presence of magic gradually grew after that first encounter on July 1st, 1946 with the two park rangers who made the first contact with a monster born of magic. Some dots you could connect on your own, but for the most part this organization was busy over the years. They may not have had the big picture, but they made their rounds around the world finding all of the things which proved to them at the very least that magic existed. I was just surprised that with some of the current encounters, they did not put some of that armory to good use instead of using such basic weapons.

With the return of Birthright came a lot of things you could admire once more from this art team. Seeing that nothing was too extraordinary about this chapter, everything came down to what made this issue visually engaging. Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas did an excellent job of this through the way that these characters interacted with one another. Strong facial expressions, active body language, and just enough of a mix of the two to capture a period where emotions are running high to get through the rough bits to finally start saving the world. Now this wasn’t to say that there wasn’t a lot new to see either. The history of magic on Earth opened us up to a lot of things you wouldn’t have expected to see exist on this side of the barrier. All of these settings, artifacts, and creatures told us that that there wasn’t a limit to what they could run into. Giving all of them a distinct glow through the bold and vibrant color selection of Lucas made a big difference as well.

It’s a good feeling to have Birthright back on shelves. Birthright #36 served as a great transition into what we should anticipate from this next phase in the story. When there’s not too much that this family has holding them back, there’s much more room to buckle down and focus on what’s truly important.

Birthright #36




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