Review: Deadpool #13

If you thought that Deadpool wouldn’t get a tie-in for War of the Realms, who were you kidding? A book like this thrives on every opportunity to throw Deadpool into the latest catastrophe whether directly or indirectly. For me, I was just glad to get another chapter that didn’t really connect to any of the others. You could easily pick this up and jump right into the fun. More comics these days from Marvel should be like this.

Could the same be said for this issue? The answer to that is yes. This tie-in does not require you to know what’s going on in the event book, and even goes so far as to give you a short summary of what the event even is. The best part about it is that this is all told from Wade’s point of view. So you pretty much knew that there was going to be a lot of improvising to his story and inaccuracies for the sake of things sounding a little more exciting than they actually are.

This issue even opened up in one of the most Deadpool kind of ways. I mean, I flipped open to that first page and really had to ask myself what the heck was going on. They completely indulged in one of Wade’s most random moments in the book so far. The plus was that this was an interaction with Al. This is a character you don’t get to see so often, so it is appreciated when she does make an appearance. Especially considering that like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she isn’t always down with Wade’s shenanigans. Doesn’t outwardly express it, but never gives him the satisfaction of getting the best of someone. Particularly when they are blind.

Where this issue could disappoint you is that not too much actually happens. Most of this is set-up for Deadpool making his way to Australia to take care of the pesky troll problem. That doesn’t mean that anything from start to finish was bad, but it certainly wasn’t what you were anticipating. Normally, even when it is a two-part story, you expect Deadpool to jump right into the action. You get the action, you get the jokes, you get everything else in-between. This was more of what Wade could get himself into getting from point A to point B. The good thing is that we do know that taking care of these trolls will be easier said than done for the Merc With a Mouth. We were introduced to the danger they have created for Australia, and the kind of allies he will align himself with to tackle this mission. My only worry there personally is that you already know how this is going to end before it does. The Australian heroes are fairly nameless, one of them hilariously so, and that gives you the impression that he might just get them all killed to get the job done. I hope I’m wrong, but only time will tell when the next issue releases.

The best thing this new chapter had going for it as usual was the artwork of Nic Klein. That has never disappointed us, and this was not one of those times either. He didn’t have as much room to play around with the more obscene elements of this book, but there was clearly a lot of fun to be had with the new settings and characters he could introduce us to. It was fun to see the exaggerations to Wade’s stories whether it was the first with Al, or the second which summed up the War of the Realms plot. After that there was the creativity in these Australian heroes. They weren’t as on the nose as you would expect, but close enough to make a joke out of. Especially one of them who held a strong resemblance to another big name hero from Hell’s Kitchen.

Deadpool #13 so far is a solid tie-in to the WotR event. One might hesitate with books when they break off to do tie-ins, though this is an exception for the way that it stays Deadpool. This one may not be action-packed, but the next one surely will be. For this chapter you simply sat back to enjoy the hilarity in Wade going to a place where the jokes pretty much write themselves.

Deadpool #13




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