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Every book gets their tie-in. Some may not want their books to have to connect to a different story, but right now it’s hard to deny how impacting Marvel is trying to make War of the Realms. I was quickly able to give this a chance because some creative teams do understand that no one wants to have to skip an issue they aren’t interested in. You can always make a book it’s own thing while connecting to the event unfolding.

So with that said, was Champions #6 a satisfying tie-in to War of the Realms? I would say it was entertaining for how it turned out. There was no requirement to know too much of what was going on in the event. All straightforward with the reason why things are the way they are in the world. This was a quick pause from anything that the team was already dealing with before, but where this story picks up was too exciting to not overlook this for the time. Like most heroes, they were quickly dispatched to deal with a specific region that has been terrorized by Malekith allies. In the case of the Champions, they had to deal with the frozen dead problem in South America. Now one would expect that it is too warm for this kind of army to invade South America, but that is a question for another time. I simply found it interesting to see what some of these forces are like when carving out their own piece of the world. They had their own motivations, desires, and excitement that they got out of this undertaking.

The efforts of the Champions is what made this refreshing. This was the kind of situation that they were made for. The kind of situation that forces this team to live up to their mission statement when they initially broke from the Avengers. Fighting the frozen dead meant that they had to not only fend off against these dangerous foes, but also protect the people. Not a scene was wasted showing these young heroes making sure that there was no one left behind. And even for all the fighting, you barely saw that much destruction done to the city around them. That is a strong contrast to what happens when the big time heroes take action. Having said this, it would not be a war if they did not face a true challenge along the way. This took the form of a certain Champion running into a close call. Yet at the same time being put into the kind of position where he showed everyone just how powerful he could actually become under the right circumstance.

There was a twist at the end, and that one was a long time coming. Shocked with the decision to hit us with it during a tie-in, but also smart since it shows us that there was a plan including this war that the Champions have gotten sucked into.

The artwork for this issue was solid. There was some places where the perspective threw off the proportions in some characters, but aside from that this was for the most part visually appealing. The highlight of this issue was everything dealing with Power Man. He accomplished a feat of strength that most probably didn’t know was possible for someone like him. His powers tend to be very situational, and this art team did their best work showing exactly how powerful he could become when the odds are in his favor. I mean the detail in his physique was on point, and well as the strength of the yellows used to make his aura pop.

Champions #6 served as a strong reminder of what we should always come to expect when this global team takles a global threat. It’s not just about beating the bad guys. It’s about doing so while making sure that nothing no matter how small is neglected. The people, the cities, the homes. All the things that Avengers might overlook they

Champions #6




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