Review: Justice League Odyssey #10

If there was one way to explain Justice League Odyssey to someone new, what word would you use to describe this book to them. For me, the answer to that has been fairly simple. Justice League Odyssey is an experience. One which contrasts so many different iterations of the Justice League teams. If you told me that we would follow Cyborg, Starfire, Jessica Cruz, and Azrael into the Ghost Sector, located in the furthest reaches of space, to help Darkseid fight for the preservation of life? I would have told you you’re crazy. Yet here we are and it has been one heck of a ride so far.

This goes double in the case of Cyborg, Starfire, and Azrael. These three are characters you would never expect to headline a book like this, and they have been worth the investment. What we have gotten so far might not be what you pictured when you think of these three achieving grander purposes in the multiverse, but you have to admit that it is pretty awesome seeing them find that there are greater limits to what they are capable of. It was shocking to see the kind of upgrade that Cyborg could take on, yet his hasn’t grabbed your attention as much as the other two who they consistently remind us have been left unstable by theirs. While we know this is going to inevitably lead to some problems, for now I am find with just the atmosphere they have created through suspense. With Jessica’s ring battery dying, that just leaves Cyborg.

Speaking of Jessica and he ring, there lies the main concern you might have with this story. All of this is a sensitive situation, and yet here we have Jessica stepping quite a bit out of character. She’s gone from one of the most cautious heroes you ever met, to one who is taking one too many risks in what is out of her control. When you see someone’s actions like this, it becomes too easy to see where they might be trying to shake things up. These heroes should be able to trust each other, and all it takes is someone in her current mindset to trigger a set of events that could be handled with more finesse. I’m hoping that we can be surprised with the cosmic scavenger hunt for Apokoliptian relics coming to an end, and their end game set into motion to keep Darkseid’s power in check. Till then, credit where it is due for the effort that has been put into showing how formidable she has become even without the reliance on the ring. There was no better time to make this known.

At this stage in the story, I do appreciate the bigger picture they have created in this mission. Most of us would have just assumed this ended with the three ascending to higher forms and stopping Darkseid from whatever he is manipulating behind the scenes. However, they have done something great by making this story relevant to everything else going on in the DC Universe. The multiverse is dying, and there’s no better way to connect this story to that than to give these characters the chance to fix that.

This book has gone through some changes in artwork to get to this point, but I have appreciated that for the most part we have always had a competent art team on deck. For a book like Justice League Odyssey, I would say that the artwork matters a lot. When describing this as an experience, that has to both be felt and seen. They nailed that with this issue in particular. So many new locations brought to life through full renderings, unique threats to challenge this team, not to mention some distinct changes to our heroes as well. Whether it was an added piece to their costume or just the way that they now carry themselves after the power upgrades, you could feel that small lapse in time and how significant those changes really were. The inking and color work brought it all together because even the some of the more dangerous looking worlds still looked gorgeous because of the tone and atmosphere given to them. This includes the things you might even call elegant to what exists in the Ghost Sector. The things vibrant or highly textured had a way of popping out where you least expected.

Justice League Odyssey #10 continues to raise the stakes in a big way. The clock is ticking with the Source Wall energy sweeping through the Ghost Sector. Trust in the plan is put to the test, as well as their trust in each other. Obviously they are building up to something big coming their way and who wouldn’t want to know what form that will take?

Justice League Odyssey #10




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