Review: Superior Spider-Man #7

This one didn’t surprise me much when seeing that Superior Spider-Man would be yet another book to tie into War of the Realms. As the hero and protector of San Francisco, it only make sense that trouble would come knocking on Otto’s door. I was actually a lot more interested to see what this situation is like for him since he is who is he. This was another grand opportunity to show what he is really made of when it comes to being a hero worthy of praise.

From start to finish I found myself impressed who how Otto took on this challenge. Ordinarily this would be one of those times where you fear that his cold logic might get the best of him, but fortunately that was not the case. This is one of those times where you want to see growth, and that we got. Every thought from Otto as well caught your attention because he was thinking about the larger picture. He was processing everything going on around him, the things that could go wrong, and the very things that remain out of his control since this is only part of the overall war being experienced around the world. Where this tie-in was fun was the fact that Otto was also thrown into his element for once. These were enemies who did not require him to hold back. Again anyone else he would be a bit more reserved in how he takes action. In other words taking enemies down without seriously hurting them or at worst killing them.

Now considering the location, I couldn’t argue with the crossing of paths with the West Coast Avengers. I also couldn’t argue with the opportunity to finally see what kind of team they were. I was not disappointed by the introduction they made into this story. The team name still comes with the wackiness that comes them. Not to mention the overall theme that tends to be outcasts and misfits. With that said, Otto somehow it in perfectly despite having to once more go through his dealings with those who are more than aware of the kind of guy he was during the Doc Ock days. Still has some things to work through on his own before he is proper for a team-like environment, but until then this was the next best thing for him. After that, it was thrilling to see who connected, who clashed, and who was simply there for the entertainment value.

When speaking of entertainment value, it was interesting to see what has been up with Gwenpoole. Apparently even being a part of a team, her craziness is still cranked up to eleven. Then again, crazy is only a matter of perspective when only we the readers know that she actually is aware of the fact that this is all fiction.

As a tie-in, I couldn’t help but find myself with low expectations for how the interiors would look. Sometimes you will get these stories with artwork that is of a lesser quality before going back to the main artists in the following issue. Fortunately we got ourselves an art team that was ready to take us into this tie-in with style. Excellent pencil work from Lan Medina who made this feel like an event story. A fine pencil point was just what was needed to get the best detail out of these characters, the settings, and making overall renderings from page to page. The inks from Cam Smith also had their importance as well in bringing out both depth and tone. Especially when it came to the giants and their towering statures. As for the color work, Andy Troy did a great job with the range of colors he was able to bring to these pages. His best work definitely came with the cold colors used for the frost giants, the atmosphere they brought with them, and the explosive colors we got out of the bigger battles. After that, the lettering was perfect for all the different ways that these character’s voices were made distinct to them. The black and red for Otto, pink for Gwen, blue and white for the giants. All of it made a big difference overall.

Unlike some of the other tie-ins, this was thrilling for a lot of things going on with it that this creative team went wild with. Superior Spider-Man #7 just went guest appearance after appearance and indulged in every interaction that you would not get to see under different circumstances. Otto doesn’t always play nice with others, but it’s fun to see what can come of him playing ball for the sake of getting the job done. The next step towards becoming the best version of himself starts here!

Superior Spider-Man #7




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