Krypton Season Two Premiere “Light-Years From Home” Review

Krypton season two has been a show I was looking forward to, but not without some concerns. This has been a solid show so far, but the first season has been building up to a lot. You have the rebellion set into motion, the Zods moving Krypton in a questionable direction under their rule, Brainiac is still alive, as well as Doomsday, and let’s not forget season two is supposed to give us our first live-action Lobo. How do you conquer all of these obstacles at every turn? That is a big question that you hope this first episode is ready to address.

A good quarter of this episode pretty much went into setting up the new lay of the land for Krypton. It was an interesting decision to do a time lapse of six months from where the first season ended. I can’t argue with it personally because they cut through a lot of things that wouldn’t have held your attention as much as jumping right into what has changed. Our introduction to the rebellion wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t as great as it could have been. All it took was the return of Adam Strange to really remind you of where some of the weakness is in the casting. Personally, he is somewhat at the bottom of characters that you would call compelling, and with good reason. You get that he is supposed to be the point of humor as the natural screw-up, but it clashes so much with the tone of everything else going around. I wouldn’t fault the actor either, part of this feels like the writing for Strange. The words don’t come out organically as they should, but this is not to say that every scene made you cringe. There was some genuine moments shared with Seg’s grandfather, a new face, and even Seg himself (for only about a minute).

KRYPTON — “Light-Years From Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

The rebellion group was a bit of an unexpected surprise. It wasn’t the battle-hardened group you were expecting to run into upon Adam Strange’s return, but they were at least capable. Little time was wasted with them addressing what was at stake and the lengths they were willing to go to stop Zod before he begins his conquest. More than anyone else it was good to see Val-El back in the physical world. This is someone who above all else you felt like you could invest in because what he stands to gain from fighting is something that he had been fighting for since the very beginning.

The Zod storyline will leave you heavily split. Part of you wants to see the downfall of General Zod, but at the same time you do care about the future of Lyta. She may be on the wrong side of the fight for the future of Kryptonians, yet it was hard to deny that she had the best of intentions to try and continue what Seg started. That is not to say that she didn’t do some things that seem out of character for someone who never approved of the way things were once ran. With that said, still much more than you can say for General Zod. They did have my attention to see what someone like him can accomplish when he simply tells people what they want to hear. Always a cursed ability for anyone who can succeed at it, and the results showed through his manipulation of Lyta and the rest of the Kryptonians.

KRYPTON — “Light-Years From Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Colin Salmon as General Zod — (Photo by: SYFY)

Following Seg and Brainiac through their escape from the Phantom Zone was probably the best thing going on in this first episode. First of all the visuals for the Phantom Zone was excellent. The colors, effects, and overall emptiness of this place was on point. What continued to immerse you in that atmosphere was the way it twisted Seg between seeing things that aren’t really there, and the constant acceptance that he was for the most part alone. How he got out was clever, despite having the key to do so the entire time. Regardless, it was exciting to see that Seg didn’t lose a step in spite of all the time he had been locked away. He could have gone mad, or lost his way, but he stepped up to the next challenge as the hero you were hoping for him to be. Now his run in with Lobo was good. I think it could have been a bit more than what it turned out to be, but for a first impression there is potential as long as they turn up the energy from this bounty hunter and really show why he is someone to be feared. The worst they can do is water him down for the sake of being a villain you can beat without going through the ringer.

The Krypton season two premiere was overall worth what you needed to see from a return into this world. New enemies, greater stakes, and a shifting hierarchy is all great for a series that promised some refreshing exploration through the DC Universe. Going forward we just need to see more from some of these characters who you know can do better or be more than where they are now after the time skip.

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