Review: Ironheart #7

The adventures continue for Riri Williams. It was quite the pattern this girl was creating chasing down friends who seemed to have found themselves in trouble, but it was all worthwhile for the journey that Riri is taking towards becoming a better version of herself. It’s actually quite funny me saying that since it’s the second time this week for two books, but that’s what these solo adventures are for! What is a superhero if they have it all together? Part of the experiences is to be able to grow. Especially if you are someone with Riri’s background.

Off the bat you could tell that this was going to be a little more fun than the last two stories. Not a problem that the other two were a bit serious, but it never hurts to throw Riri into some new situations. The kind where she is able to be a little more herself rather than buckle down and leave her emotions boxed. I suppose it should have been easier to assume the tone would be lighter just from the involvement of Nadia, aka The Wasp. Putting these two together was a brilliant idea because both of them are brilliant and can actually communicate with each other on the same level. What brought her Riri’s way was pretty cool, and what kept her there was even better. When I saw that the threat for this story would actually be zombie-like creatures, that was just the icing on the cake. There’s never a better situation for two girls like them than to throw an impossible scenario at them. The lead into them coming to terms with a possible zombie outbreak was entertaining. It’s not one of those things that you would expect them to accept until there was no possible way to deny it.

How they handled this threat was clever. Of course it was a zombie outbreak, but there’s no way you would go full invasion. The source of this problem struck a perfect balance between what was another one-off adventure, and being a subplot that could become something more. Finding out who was behind this was the best segue into an ongoing plotline that you could have easily forgotten was a thing with so many things going on in Riri’s life.

Having Xavier around made this much more humorous than it could have been with just Riri and Nadia. This is a character I have not had a problem seeing more of. For as many people who Riri interacts with, he feels like the most genuine tether that she has to being normal aside from her mom. It’s the kind of friendship to appreciate when one of the key components to a successful solo book is having a supporting cast with impact. Xavier might not always be there, but his presence matters when it does. Even in a situation where they are dealing with zombies. Turning everything into a reference to zombie movies was brilliant with every opportunity they took.

What impressed me about the artwork this issue was the way that this art team was able to shake things up to capture a darker story. Maybe not dark as in rough pencils and dark colors, but dark enough to create a kind of zombie that could give you chills. The look of decay on their faces, the lack of eyes, and even the numbers sent the message. Aside from that, the pencil work for everything else was just as brilliant. Stunning renderings, lots of details put into every scene, great action shots, vibrant glows, and let’s not forget the textures overall which breathes a little life into the art. Something I also found cool was seeing a new wardrobe for Riri. Every opportunity they are taking to show where she is improving her craft is excellent. The way her lab always has something new to take notice of, the way her suit tends to become more of her clothing, the way her clothing is less casual. I even had a good laugh at the way Xavier suited up to brace for the zombies.

Ironheart #7 is the kind of fun you want more of from this series. We want to see Riri become the best person she can, we want to see her overcome all of her traumas, but you don’t get to that point without good friends by your side and a little humor along the way to brighten your day.

Ironheart #7




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