Swamp Thing “He Speaks” Review

Only two episodes in and this story leaves you shaken to find out what comes next as this town has no clue what has been unleashed upon them. Swamp Thing “Worlds Apart” was terrifying in the best of ways. The swamp is still the most dangerous place in this world, but so are the people who have a stake in what comes out of it. When that episode was done, I couldn’t help but look forward to what this episode could do to further the danger that everyone faces.

With only ten episodes for this season, I’m glad that pacing is not one of the problems to have with this show. We have our Swamp Thing, and by the end of the episode Abby is already drawn to the idea that he may also be Alec Holland. That was a great place to be going into the third episode. Even better when not too long into this episode there was also a new set of stakes added to this investigation. When you have a guy like Jason Woodrue involved, things are going to get a bit chilling. I loved the atmosphere he set once making a proper introduction and giving us somewhat of a better understanding of what has been unleashed upon this world. You would also think that a character like Liz wouldn’t play too much of a role in all of this, but here she is also really setting a mood by asking all the right questions about what’s going on here. This is the kind of character I enjoy the most because she fits the role of someone who knows the score and which branches to shake. There will always be that risk of getting too close to the sun, but just about everyone involved in this mystery is too.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 103 — “He Speaks“ — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

For this second episode, I loved the way that they have chosen to tackle the transformation into Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing we all know has reached a point where Alec Holland is pretty much just a name. However, until we get to that point, this is a new entity that is caught between two worlds. A new world full of purpose, while suffering from everything familiar that is now but a stranger in his mind. How they used the little girl to better understand this was also clever. All these people infected are technically tethered to him in some way. It made sense that some might be able to see a bit deeper into what is driving the plants to act as they are.

There was one thing that really drew me into this week’s episode, and that was seeing the word Rot in the description. For those who have read the comics, you know that The Green is but one elemental force in the world. One of the others would include the Rot as well. In other words, a force which is strongly associated with death. The decay and rotting of living things is where it flourishes is its domain.So far this is the best development in the show. Avery is evil for his own selfish reasons, but there is no denying how dangerous a force like this can be. Especially in a world where people aren’t too intuned with the supernatural yet. Swamp Thing’s big moment in this episode was a thrill since this was the first time both forces encounter one another, and the execution was perfect for his first opportunity to speak since the change. Pacing was once more on their side here and they didn’t waste a minute of him showing that there is someone underneath all of that swamp material.

You wouldn’t expect scenes in this episode where the characters can really wind down, but they are the kind you appreciate nonetheless. It was good to see that the going-ons around this town didn’t only involve Abby. Well this thing between Abby and Crane is nice, and I’m not against it either. Surrounded by all of this tragedy it was nice to see that she could find one silver lining from returning to such a gloomy place. The same can be said for Liz and her girlfriend. That is something which you enjoy as something genuine that this madness can’t take away from people. I wasn’t too shocked by other relationship problems, though they were worth digging into since it seems that everyone has their secrets or drama behind locked doors.

Swamp Thing — Ep. 103 — “He Speaks“ — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As far as villains would go, human villains for now, Avery serves perfectly as that root cause for everything going wrong in this town. The lengths he will go to in order to have his way is terrifying. The lengths he might continue to go keeps you at the edge of your seat. I would actually call it commendable since you wouldn’t ordinarily think of someone his age as dangerous.

DC Entertainment has found themselves a winner in Swamp Thing. It sucks that this is going to be the only season, and it sucks that they couldn’t do their planned three seasons that would have led to Justice League Dark (I’m not crying, you’re crying!). “He Speaks” turned out to be another beautiful hour capturing all of the supernatural madness turning this little town right on its head. I for one can’t wait to see how they continue to push the envelope next week!

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