Review: Deadpool #14

After the events of Deadpool #13, I couldn’t help but feel a bit reserved towards what could come of the Merc With a Mouth getting tangled up in the madness of this event. Would it be worth your money? That is the biggest question. Especially considering there wasn’t too much that actually happened in the issue before. It was fun, but there was more set-up than anything that would keep you around for what happened next. Now because of who I am, I couldn’t help but stick with this because this hasn’t been a book to disappoint us yet.

Fortunate for us, the patience did pay off when this creative team wasted little time jumping into what Deadpool and this band of heroes could do against an army of trolls. Everything about what came next was entertaining. They sprang into action like something out of Mad Max, and from there it was fun because Deadpool was once more in his element. The kind of fight where he can hack, slash, and shoot to his heart’s content. Where they manage to shock you is where they do manage to fail at being heroes. Not because of the fear that they may all get slaughtered with the exception of Deadpool, but for the fact that their whole reason for taking action in this moment was hilariously all for nothing. If it was anyone else writing this, the humor probably would not have stuck the way it did. Thankfully it did since Skottie Young was in his zone enough to think outside of the box. He had fun with these characters and doing the things that aren’t so straightforward when dealing with Deadpool.

This includes was could have been very predictable about either the turning point for this battle against the trolls or the way that the battle ended.When they said the likelihood of Deadpool not causing an international incident grows smaller? I was not convinced by this! How do you write a story where he dodges making everything worse? Somehow they made it happen and it was funny for how whimsical his solution turned out to be. To even take it a step further to show that defending a nation is easier said than done was just a great. To top it off, the other heroes who managed to make an appearance in the middle of this battle? That was completely unexpected, yet at the same time welcomed for the jokes that they were trying to make stick about a couple of these Aussie heroes.

War of the Realms may be a serious war for the fate of the ten realms, but it is a breath of fresh air to have a story where you don’t have to take it seriously.

Nic Klein once more knocked it out of the park. He got to stretch his legs with this issue and had fun with it. The Mad Max vibes were great from the entrance that Deadpool and the Troll Busters made into the fight. He didn’t get as brutal as he normally might with the fight scenes, but it was still violent to the level of satisfaction that you expect. It was even appealing to see how these other heroes take to showing no mercy when these trolls are not the kind of enemy who you knock down with the chance of being able to get back up. This was also one of those issues where you felt a lot more appreciation for his colors as well. When dealing with trolls and this level of action, his color selection makes everything seem much more epic than it actually seems. Whether it was the skin tones, the unique blood splatter of the trolls, or the textures, it’s not the kind of coloring you will get anywhere.

So, is the War of the Realms tie-in for Deadpool worth buying?Just like the others it does prove to be worth your money. It started off a bit slow, but things picked up in a Deadpool-like fashion. You laugh, you cringe, and you find those one or two moments where you have to go WTF because anyone relying on Deadpool is almost screwed if they do not have the right exit strategy.

Deadpool #14




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