Review: Sabrina The Teenage Witch #3

With each passing issue I find myself opening up more to what new adventures we can get out of going back to Teenage Witch. When we’ve gone so long without a new issue of Chilling Adventures, it becomes easier to move on from a story that seems like it will just be full of disappointments. I’m pretty sure most of us have lost count how long it has been since the last issue at this point. I know I have. I still remember thinking that this new series would be tough to adjust to for the change in atmosphere, but so far I have been impressed by the effort put into really jumping into the witch world with Sabrina.

The impression that most of us were left with before the first issue was probably that things would be more whimsical. Fortunately that has not been the case at all. She still faces the same kind of dangers. They may not be as graphic or brutal, but they are just as deadly. As is most enemies existing in the supernatural world. It has been fun that they were so quick to jump into the kind of encounters a young witch like Sabrina can have as a new resident of Greendale. You would think that her problems might center more around her simply being a witch or a teenager, and yet that would all have been too easy. Thinking outside of the box has been the smart choice for the very things that have been unexpected discoveries for all of us. Especially when it comes to this recent monster, the first one, and even the one that the brother and sister can turn into.

Where things picked up this issue was thrilling. Once more Sabrina found herself trust into battle with a monster, and I couldn’t help but love the way that she fought back. Things with the show had the tendency to be over and done with that one simple spell, but this scene kept you on your toes because she was getting genuinely creative. If it wasn’t the spells, then it was the incantations. Still I would say that I find the spell counter appealing. Nine spells in three issues is a lot more than you saw in three episodes of the tv show. Now everything after that pretty much came and went, but there was no overlooking the new experience with this young witch. To have more legitimate supernatural friends, people who she can depend on is not something to ignore.

At home there was much more to appreciate as well. Getting back to a story where Salem has fun interactions with Sabrina again is welcoming. He’s sarcastic, defensive, and very loyal as her familiar. All things you recall loving about this cast. Speaking of things you remember loving, the same can be said for her aunts. Still two different sides of the same coin, and still the best instruments that Sabrina can turn to when she has found herself in serious trouble. Through them we also take a stronger journey into the witch world since this is the first time that things like the witch council and what not have been brought up.

One of the things I knew I was going to love about Sabrina The Teenage Witch, was the spectacle of it. The story could have been okay, but you already knew that you were going to fall in love with the artwork. Whether it is the cover or the interiors, these artists know how to capture the wonders of the magic world. This issue in particular stood out because the colors instantly popped at you from the flip of the first page. The exotic colors of this foreign monster was stunning. It looked exactly like a chinese dragon, except a little more sinister due to the lighting and shadows. Aside from that, the colors of the settings were exciting, as well as the purple overlays used for when Sabrina is casting a spell. That last part so far is one of the most unique elements to this book.

This is a book that keeps you guessing and knocks you at the edge of your seat. No matter what kind of story you tell, the life of a witch is no walk in the woods. Sabrina The Teenage Witch #3 gave us another memorable monster battle, interaction with new characters, while at the same time raising the stakes by the end of the issue.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch #3




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