Review: Justice League Dark #12

Honestly, right now this is one of my favorite iterations of the Justice League Dark team. This isn’t the same combination of heroes  from the supernatural corner, and this time around I genuinely feel the dark experience. Never has the team faced such perils that they could actually give in to the powers of Mordu of all entities to fight back against the Lords of Order and Otherkind.The nightmarish atmosphere this story has taken on put us exactly where we needed to be. Greater stakes, and bolder moves made for the sake of overcoming these odds.

Before we could get to what this new Wonder Woman and Zatanna could bring to the table, there was still the depressing scene that is the rest of the magic community facing their only choice in surviving what’s coming. I was thrilled with every act of defiance from these magic users, but there was admittedly only so far that they could go before running wasn’t an option. You just couldn’t believe that some would actually decide that it was best to give up their magic. Obviously they weren’t going to zap everyone, but they did good by showing the difference between those willing and those who weren’t happy with what they had to do.

Now that brings us to the actual entrance of Wonder Woman and Zatanna into the battle as the new Lords of Chaos to stop Doctor Fate. I enjoyed how we jumped into this scene because I’m sure that any of us would have been worried that there was too much distance between them and everyone else. Both halves of the story finally converged which couldn’t have happened at a better time. What really had me anticipating this scene was actually the cover of this issue. We already had a transformed Wonder Woman and Zatanna, but what you didn’t prepare for was a whole team of Lords of Chaos. Visually I was impressed by the transformations. Once again some of this art team’s best work if you ask me. That page was worth capturing all of them together, as well as the little things here and there that really showed that they were on the same level as the Lords of Order. I mean, they really had fun twisting a lot of what you are used to seeing from these heroes. Suddenly capable of so much more than usual, and then some when breaking the rules was taken quite literally from a visual standpoint.

Normally I am blown away by even the layout design for the panels and pages, and this chapter took that creativity and uniqueness to new heights. I loved every flip of the page seeing them doing something refreshing with the way we took in this story visually.

The small flashback scene this issue began on was interesting. Taking us back to a time before all the madness began. Another thing that has made this iteration of the team more notable is the fact that it is more legitimate. That is a big step forward when no other previous team could say that about themselves. They were all just tossed together by a similar goal and nothing keeping them together beyond that. This scene added to what made them and the dangers they face seeming real. Above all it added to what has made Wonder Woman the perfect choice from the start to lead this team and community into a better future.

The events of Justice League Dark #12 made everything you experienced in this story worth the adventure. The story is far from over, and yet it has stirred such a thrill with every twist and turn that has challenged what it means to walk in both the normal world, and the world of magic. I felt as captivated with this story as I did with that of Justice League because we are swiftly reminded of what it means to stand for your ideals. When you don’t, you end up like Nabu who sacrificed everything he stood for out of fear.




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