Review: DCeased #3

With a book like DCeased, it’s fair to be skeptical about jumping into a book like this. Zombie stories are pretty much done to death when it comes to superhero comics. Maybe more when it comes to Marvel, but regardless you have probably read enough to think been there done that.All of this was also me before I decided to give the first issue a shot. I found myself impressed by what this actually turned out to be. Apocalyptic, yes. However, that did not change the creative spin they threw on this where the infection is actually the anti-life equation. These people attacking mindlessly aren’t undead, they are simply the product of what happens when your mind is torn apart.

DCeased #2 made sure that everyone was on the same page. They made their distinction between zombies and what these anti-living are, and they made certain that we all understood that no one was safe. Heroes, villains and gods did fall pretty fast on just the first day. Though there was no better way to drive that message home than to kill off the World’s Greatest Detective early. From the start of this third issue you could feel the ripple effect of losing someone like him at a time like this. Little time was wasted when it came to also addressing how a loss like this would affect Superman, or even Damian. This at the very least told you that there wouldn’t just be death for the sake of it. You could also look forward to some sincere moments from those who are still alive and still fighting to protect those around them.

Choosing Superman as the main character has interesting. As the symbol of hope it makes sense in general to have that one hero who wouldn’t crumble under the tragedy of this virus has created. Yet, it’s hard to shake how dicey it is for a hero like him to take action in this scenario. In a world where you can get infected by just a scratch, you wonder how far you can take someone who for the most part acts through direct contact. Super breath and laser eyes will only get you so far. With that said, I did enjoy the perspective taken from Superman. He’s someone who wants to protect his family, protect his city, and be that beacon of help at the same time. You can believe that when someone like him isn’t able to save someone, the feeling of loss and defeat is real.

There was some action in this issue. All of it fairly quick and to the point, but interesting for the kind of heroes and villains who found themselves infected. Finding out the fate of Harley Quinn as she faced down the Joker was admittedly funny, though it was finding out how things ended for Aquaman which hit hard since you would have thought the sea to probably be one of the safest places to be. The kind of trouble brought below the sea was creative. I’ll give them props for creating a scenario that would terrify you to imagine ever happening in reality.

Only one thing wasn’t addressed, and that was in what way we could expect this story to find a turning point. I mean, is there a possibility of one? Or should we already be prepared for this to be one of those stories where there will be no survivors and prepare ourselves to lose everyone in one way or another. Hate to be that guy, but these are the things that tell you you’re investing your time in something that

With the first issue issues heavier in action, there wasn’t enough you could really say about the way that this art style worked as a whole. DCeased #3 left you a little more at ease with the feelings that this art team was able to convey through this story visually. While you couldn’t really see all of that in their faces, it was easier to experience through their body language. That told a story of its own. Especially with the heroes in this story who could only really express themselves through action instead of breaking down. Aside from this, you enjoy the same things as before. The infected hold a terrifying presence in the way that they tear themselves apart, and there’s not much holding back against the ones infected in general. It’s visually brutal, and that is how you set the mood. That including the colors which aren’t too strong, but not too plain. Just enough blood, but nothing overpowering so you can’t appreciate everything visceral in these scenes.

With each passing issue I do find myself feeling more confident in what this story has to offer. DCeased #3 gave us more of an emotional fallout from the first day of this infection. With everyone aware of what’s happening around them, this is that chapter where you begin taking in that balance between hope and despair.

DCeased #3




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