Review: Justice League #27

Sometimes all you need is a stunning cover to build excitement for the next issue. I would say that the cover art for Justice League #27 did the trick. Of course it does give you the impression that this will be the issue where the Justice League faces off against Perpetua, but that is obviously some time away when there are pieces for this team to collect to their side before they have any chance at stopping the mother of this multiverse.

Having brought the Forager to their side, there was the next of the Monitors to find and convince to join the fight. I was interested to see how this would turn out. It took a whole story arc for the Justice league to get the help of World Forager. So you couldn’t help but question if it could take the same amount of time to get the aid of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. This week they started off with the Monitor. I enjoyed how this turned out because the conversation was easy to follow and to the point. This is again one of those times where some writers know how to lose a reader to complicated stories. It was fortunate for us that this is that phase of the story where there is no time for complicated. There is only action and answers. Including furthering the connections between these children of Perpetua and the multiple crises this omniverse has suffered over the years.

Personally, I find everything about these brothers very engaging because it’s not everyday that you will want to get to know their stories. After discovering that eons ago, the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger stopped the rise of Perpetua, you couldn’t not anticipate their crossing of paths to challenge billions of years of mistrust. As I said before, this has become more than just the Justice League’s fight.

Now I was a bit thrown for a loop when it came to Martian Manhunter’s situation, but in general it was good to see that the Legion was still plotting behind the scenes to make sure that this new world order stuck. It would never make sense if all these heroes were still able to roam freely without some obstacles put in place to keep the ones who can get close at arm’s length.The kind of trouble that J’onn J’onnz was as close to a close call as you could get for any of these heroes. I think we all knew that he was going to attract the wrong attention on his search for Lex, and he couldn’t have run into a more terrifying foe. Credit where it is due as well that they were able to find a way to tie this plotline back to a previous adventure of J’onn’s.

I only have one concern about Justice League right now, and that is the idea that there might be one too many things going on right now. Not that there actually is a lot going on, but sometimes just stretching the focus beyond one storyline can create a problem depending on that story and the stage it is in. It is important to find Lex Luthor, but we haven’t been given too much of a reason to believe that finding him will bring the team any closer to stopping Perpetua’s rise.

The interior art for this issue was solid. I had my reservations at first because the pencils were just a bit shaky. There wasn’t too much form to the characters or actions. Luckily it did not take much time at all to see the improvements as the story progressed. Overall, nothing too flashy like what we are used to. Especially for a book that is now called an event book. The pencils were rough, and the colors were not as bold or colorful aside from those couple major scenes. Nonetheless, still great work because we still got the same level of action and emotion. There was a satisfying balance of both considering half the story covering the Monitors meeting once more and J’onn facing a danger he was not prepared for.

This issue was a bit of a fast read in contrast to the issues before, but you can’t always expect something big to unfold. Right now Justice League is in that phase where once more they are setting up to something big. That big thing is the rise of Perpetua. At this stage you expect that the plot progresses with all the pieces being moved to the right place for what comes next.

Justice League #27




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