Review: Uncanny X-Men #21

When someone says “It all ends here.” Its hard not to brace yourself for something big. The only problem we ever could have with Uncanny X-Men is that this story is not forever. Not when Powers of X and House of X aim to change just about everything about the X-Men and their place in the universe. When you got past this announcement that made it hard to invest yourself in what’s going on right now, part of you still wants to know how this story ends. That may not be this week, but it is certainly coming.

What came next for Cyclops and his team was a long time coming after it was revealed that Emma was the culprit for pulling their strings up to this point. It’s not as if we haven’t seen the X-Men angry at Emma for the things she does behind the scenes, but this scene to follow was important because we were finally seeing an Emma who understood the right way about trying to help. This may have started out with manipulating their minds, but what this turned into by the end of the issue was pretty shocking. It was one of those moves made that honestly made you wonder why nobody thought to do it years ago. You could easily chalk it up to this being a story where the heroes are way too desperate to do things the hard way. The build-up to that big move made was excellent. They stayed vague about it and gave you very little indication as to what the end game was by helping Emma.

Of course something like this does not come without running into some trouble. That was where things got a bit crazy. For everything that did manage to go right by the end of the issue, there was no denying the kind of franchise this is. The kind where you don’t get anywhere without losing some friends along the way. It was only refreshing this time around since things still managed to work out in their favor instead of royally screwing them over altogether.

I only had one problem with this story, and that was how they handled a few young mutants that we haven’t seen in a long time. These were mutants who had such promise and were reduced to being used as tools to show that the enemy was merciless. I was only really able to overlook this by the end of the issue because as I said before, the X-Books to follow Uncanny are going to change everything.

What made me happy about this issue was seeing that Salvador Larroca was back on art for this book. Getting so close to the end of this book, this was not the time to change the art. There was a couple of big scenes that really popped out to me. The first one captured one of our favorite mutants in their demon form that took on a completely new appearance. I loved that this version actually looked like a demon. The multiple horns, tails, posture, and everything in general that lacked human form. The other thing was the thrill in the part that Wolverine continued to play in this. He is a man on a mission, and pulled no punches to show Callahan and O.N.E. why they were crossing a line. There was more action than anything else from him, but some of the best scenes have tended to be when Wolverine popped the clash to get cutting. I appreciated that they did not have a problem showing what these soldiers look like before and after they encounter him. If there was one thing other than that to admire, it was definitely the new haircut that she was sporting by the end. It’s a look you would have never pictured for her, though it works.

They didn’t lie, it all did end here. To say this is forever? That is hard to believe until we get to that next issue of Uncanny X-Men. Till then, it was a treat to see just what lengths these mutants will go in order to protect their place in this world. They took a gamble, it was one they probably would have never took in the past, but it got the desired result despite the losses taken too.

Uncanny X-Men #21




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