Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Collision Course (Part I)” Review

Last week’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.really nailed the importance of holding all the cards. There’s nothing to be gained when someone knows more than you. That’s just how the spy game goes. That’s also why so far Sarge has been a creative obstacle for the team. Not the villain, but not someone you want to trust with the fate of the world either. Especially when you have already seen what happens when you’re late to the party.

From the start of this episode you could feel the way that this game has changed. We are playing by Sarge’s rules, and right now he’s the guy with all the answers. I enjoyed where we went from dodging that last disaster when I feared they were attempting an usurp of power from Mack. That would have been painfully predictable. So, I’m glad that they opted out for a different route to take these characters that would make sure that stopping the shrike came before everything else. They did right by Mack as well. I only had one concern about this season, and that was that they wouldn’t give Mack enough opportunities to shine as the director. This was one of those times where he was quick to making sure that even with Sarge ahead of the game, he was never giving up full control of the situation. They even took it a step further by placing him in a position where he could be the guy asking the right questions about what they might be facing. Didn’t hurt throwing Yo-Yo into the mix as well. At this point in the story, nothing is gained when these two don’t seem like they are on the same page.

As I also said last week, Sarge is a different kind of force to deal with. It’s easy to have your reservations about this character, but there is no doubting the vast difference between himself and Coulson. Plus, it’s not as if this is the first time they have reused an actor for a role. With that said, teaming him up with Daisy and May was also a great story decision. not just because you know that these two can deliver a memorable action sequence, but because they are the two who have the strongest reaction to seeing Sarge’s familiar face. Despite understanding Sarge’s motivations, this was a great time to reveal that thing about him that we all knew was trouble. Saving the world is one thing, but in his case there had to be a cost.

Now what hit hard was the realization in what we weren’t picking up from the events of last week. What we were told was that this Galaxy-Hopping Hate-Beast That Eats Planets was coming to Earth, but the question was how. I don’t think you even needed a scene to tell you who this person actually was, but when you saw it, you might be left kicking yourself that you didn’t put the pieces together sooner. It was actually clever for the fact that this was another situation where the trouble was sitting right in front of you. Yet there’s so much going on at once that it is hard to make such rash calls prematurely.

What killed you was knowing the end game, and understanding where this return trip with FitzSimmons was going. For a good while I was pondering what the purpose was in separating these two from the rest and forcing them to work a bit harder to get back home. Everything started to make sense this week, and all that mattered after that was the suspense leading up to that big moment. Till then, the big thing this week was how something weird goes on with Izel’s crew. Even then you knew what was going on here, but that didn’t stop the fear engine from turning since obviously all of this would be going on without the notice of our blissfully unaware scientists. I mean honestly, I wished I could slap them upside the head to learn to be a little more aware of things which seem off.

Everyone loves the excitement in these agents trying to figure out that next threat, but there’s no greater feeling than the set-up after they have gotten their answer. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Collision Course (Part I)” threw us right into the thick of it. We have all of these moving parts to the story converging to one explosive point. They wasted very little time this season getting us from point A to point B without losing that momentum and intensity that this began with.

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