Review: Go Go Power Rangers #21

Up to this point, Go Go Power Rangers has been an amazing experience for any Power Rangers fan out there who has wanted the opportunity to see what the world was like for these kids, aliens, and witches before that initial invasion day. You got to see how things actually happened, how future events come into being, and plenty of things that could only have happened in the early days. After the way Forever Rangers ended, it was easy to see where this story was moving forward from there. We were clearly all caught up to the present, and that was always the inevitability for this book. One would have only thought that that was where this book concluded as a whole.

That is why I found it bold that they decided that this was the point in the story where we come full circle following the shocking events of Shattered Grid and a reality which has now been reset. From the start of this issue this story picked up as if nothing changed from where Shattered Grid began. Without Drakkon there to kill Tommy in the alley, this was your average night out for one Tommy and Kimberley on their first date. Knowing that, I was very interested to see where else things would change from there. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, that one event changed everything for the Rangers who had to deal with the reality that they were not invincible, and that there are far more dangerous forces outside of their universe. Now they had other things to deal with in contrast. Which this creative team also wasted little time addressing from there.

A couple of things were noticeably different, and the first one was the fate of Tommy since he did not end up dying that night. It would have been too easy for him if he was able to simply move forward worry free. This was still him during that phase where he was getting used to being the hero and working with a team. Something else had to present itself as an obstacle for him, and they couldn’t have chosen one better for the way it challenged once more his value to the Rangers. At the same time, I admired how they chose this chapter in his lives, and the Rangers, to again establish what it means to be a hero in this world. Sometimes you forget that you can call the Power Rangers a superhero story. It’s a good look for the story when you need that sense of heart to stand out more than the action.

One thing I definitely looked forward to from this change in direction, was the introduction of Lord Zedd into the story. So far, I have loved every issue which fleshed out Rita Repulsa more than the show ever could in its long run. However, in the world of the Power Rangers, she is still only but one of a number of powerful villains. I was interested in seeing what else could be done with  a villain like Lord Zedd who also has his own pool of mystery. My only concern was how we jumped straight into Lord Zedd. Of course you’re going to want to know how he took over as the big bad, but you also accept that this is a comic and these things happen.

Something to get used to with this new issue was not having Dan Mora as the main artist. This guy I consistently enjoyed because he got these kinds of stories and the quality that you expect to go into a book that has a cult following. If there was any concern for this new issue, it was what we would get with a new art team. Fortunately for us, Francesco Mortarino was more than up to the task. The same quality of work was put into the interiors. Full renderings, everything detailed, unique character designs, and much more. It felt like nothing had changed aside from the style, which at the end of the day still captured these characters with the same sense of familiarity. What made this issue visually exciting was also the the way that there was so much change from where the last arc ended. New Zords and new monsters made the action refreshing once more. What helped ease us into these new pencils too was the fact that there was still Raul Angulo on colors. Having that same range of colors, tone, and explosiveness went a long way in making you believe that nothing had changed on the surface.

The big question here is, are we getting the same exploration of the Power Rangers mythos that initially made you invest in this book? The answer to that is, yes. Go Go Power Rangers #21 assures us that the mission statement for this story is still the same. It just takes place at a different point in time which better connects with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

Go Go Power Rangers #21




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