Review: Naomi #6

It’s never easy to say goodbye to an ambitious book. Particularly not one so ambitious like Naomi. Now of course as I say this, I don’t mean that this is the definite end or that this book has been cancelled. I for one love the miniseries/season treatment that this creative team is trying to give this new hero. It doesn’t hurt to see that from more of our superhero books truth be told. Now with that said, it still doesn’t make it any less painful to let go for however long it will take for the story to continue. I mean, this is a hero we have been told they have big plans for in the DC Universe.

Picking up where Naomi #5 ended, the doors have been blasted wide open in her world. She has learned the truth, her powers have been unlocked, and now she has had her first true encounter with someone from her world. From there you really felt the anticipation for what came next. This wasn’t one of those situations where you assume that the new hero will off the bat be awesome and amazing. When you’ve followed enough of Bendis’ new hero creations, you know that most of them experience quite the bumpy start. The big question here was what form that would take. Would this Zumbado be quick to reveal his true intentions to Naomi? Or will he prey upon her need for answers and desire to belong? Our answer to that really kept you at the edge of your seat because things were going to go south. It was only a matter of when. What added to that feeling of suspense was also the fact that this revelation for Naomi didn’t change who she is at the core. Still the same girl who asks a lot of questions and knows how to ask the right questions when something seems off.

This issue could have easily started off with a big fight, but where is the fun in that? Instead what we ended up getting was a better use of this time by allowing Naomi the room to understand her story better through the real thing. She had her confirmation of everything she had been told, and the right motivation to do what had to be done with that information.

Back on Earth, I enjoyed the panic that was quickly stirred up as well. As expected, everyone was in a state of worry because they had no idea what to do next. They knew that this moment was going to be inevitable, but there was a big difference between preparing and the actual moment hitting you. Whether it was Dee, Naomi’s parents, or Annabelle, all of them had their own unique way of expressing the way this turn of events impacted them. I was a bit more taken back by Annabelle’s. It was in this issue that I have found a reason to care about the part she plays in Naomi’s life. It didn’t come a moment too soon since for this first season you really did want to make sure it was Naomi upfront and center being fleshed out.

How this ended for Naomi was straightforward, and it was also heartwarming. Not too much time was spent on the fight, or the rescue that you knew was coming for her. Just enough time was also given to setting things up for what’s to come. She has this power, and we know that the next step is to make sure she isn’t wasting this gift.

I can also get why they would break this up into seasons to give an artist like Jamal Campbell a break. I don’t know any other way to describe the work he has done for this book, than breathtaking. Whether it is the cover art or the interiors I truly believe that this guy has set the bar for what a new hero book can look like. I loved the effort that he poured into this finale for the season one, because like most finales you expect a flashy finish. And that can be quite literal in the case of Naomi and her people. We all wanted to see her in action, and we were not disappointed when that scene came to show what kind of power she wields. Just a taste of it was enough to grab your attention, especially in the face o someone like Zumbado. Still terrifying in the presence he carried, and I liked that for the most part you could never truly see what he looks like. It keeps him mysterious and chilling. Particularly when his powers involve a bunch of tentacles coming out of his face.

I hope that everyone is ready for Naomi 2? Because this guy certainly is! This creative team went above and beyond to bring us a spectacular cosmic tale. You never knew what you were truly in store for when it came to this girl, and it helped a lot with the surprise once it came time to reveal her origins. Naomi #6 brought her story full circle in a way that left you wanting more. She is powerful, she is brave, and she reminds you of the sense of wonder in finding out you can do something extraordinary.

Naomi #6




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