Review: Wonder Twins #6

For the most part, things have been easy-going for this book. This has been a story that placed a strong focus on drawing the line in the sand between good and evil, never judging a book by its cover, and showing us that sometimes what you do is simply because of the hand that life deals you. But it seems that now is the time for things to get serious when there is a legitimate danger to the world, and hard calls to be made.

With the reveal of the The Scrambler’s plan, no time was wasted in jumping into how this shifts the momentum of the story. We went from joke villains trying to make a name for themselves, to that one who broke from the mold to actually try to make a statement. ‘The Great Scramble’ was one heck of a twist they threw at these heroes. In most cases the person would probably try to fry everyone’s brains. To that extent you would have expected something a bit more standard for a teen hero book. So I found myself appreciative that this creative team thought outside of the box to consider what would happen if The Scrambler actually had the ability to be able to switch everyone up in the world. There’s a big difference between the way that he does it for himself, and swap the consciousness of seven billion people.

What I continued to enjoy about Polly Math’s story is how she represents a lot of the injustices faced in the real world. Not many books out there are bold enough to make a statement about the things that the close-minded might call “political”. You know, because bad things don’t happen to good people. Because innocent people don’t tend to be the first casualties of the games that billionaires play. Helping The Scrambler to bring this level of chaos to the world was crossing a line, but there was no denying the motivation that someone could feel in her position. This was one of the few times where I really couldn’t find a problem with someone doing something bad and also being sympathetic. With that said, one of the big things this issue was what would happen when Jayna confronted her best friend about this plan she allowed to unfold. I was caught off guard by the choice she made, and the result of that by the end of the issue. It’s never that simple trying to help a friend who has lost their way. For Jayna, the choice she made was hard to argue with since there was a loss no matter how she looked at the solutions. The life of a young hero making the hard call, right?

The tone of this issue was definitely different from the rest too. It was refreshing to have that one chapter in this story where things were a bit grave, rather than goofy. Not that you require seriousness for an engaging story. I’ll never say that this is a necessity, but it works for the stage in this story we have reached.

There was a lot going on in this issue of Wonder Twins, but not too much I would say managed to jump out at you about the artwork. Not a bad thing either. I was happy to see the same consistency in quality that we have gotten in every one of these issues up to this point. For this chapter in particular it was more important for this art team to nail that sense of panic and confusion from the characters in this story. It’s a race against time, and you have people being swapped into unfamiliar bodies. You could read the shock in their faces and the stress from the heroes who could not figure out a way to prevent further chaos.

When you picked up that first issue of Wonder Twins, I don’t think that you ever got the impression that we would get this deep into the meaning of justice. There’s something to recognize about a story which actually embraces a real conversation about right versus wrong. It’s never that clear-cut as you think it is. It only pains me that we will have to wait till September to see where this story takes the Wonder Twins next from here.

Wonder Twins #6




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