Review: Blossoms 666 #5

With the release of Blossoms 666 #5, yet another Archie Horror series comes to a close. This series is one that you definitely take a risk on. Vampironica was a bit more bold than this series, but that was also one which they had future plans for. This one was simply plucked from the idea of what kind of Riverdale we will experience when the Blossoms decide that this is their battleground to find out who will reign as the true Anti-Christ.

There was also some big expectation for this final issue. When it hit me that this was it, I was concerned for the fact that we weren’t really seeing an end game for either of the three siblings. The game was pretty straightforward in terms of seeing who could do the best corrupting of their targets, but there was a lot of build-up and little pay-off from their plans. I mean, is it not late that in the last issue the twins begin to contemplate and execute a plan against Julian? This was pretty much halfway into the issue when they both agreed that something had to be done and thought of a way to get one over on him. Not only this, but there was a lot of loose ends that you knew at that point were not going to get tied up. I didn’t know if there was any possibility of walking away from this one satisfied, though still I stuck through till the end.

Was it worth it? Depends on how you look at it. On one hand, you can pretty much figure out that like Vampironica, this is another new horror story where they have thought beyond those five to six issues. They planned on leaving things open-ended because sometimes it works to release these books as minis rather than a single ongoing. On the other hand, you enjoyed what this finale set up. The game changed significantly with just one move. Did it come out of left field? Hell yes, but did it also challenge the supernatural elements to this story? Without a doubt. The game changed for the players, and the town of Riverdale has been shaken through their influence. Personally, I felt for Betty. She had been a pawn dragged through the mud since the minute she started asking questions. The darkness within the Blossoms knew no bounds when breaking the one person who could get in their way.

The mystery of Julian stuck through to the end, and it was probably for the best. Considering how big this question is in contrast to everything else going on in this story, it would have been a shame for them to rush through to the answer in such a short amount of time. At least you know that this is a storyline that will carry through to the possible next chapter.

Aside from this, it was chilling to see some of the strings Jason and Cheryl were pulling get serious. For better or for worse they did accomplish their tasks. I only wish they got a bit more creative with what they did than what we got. We’re talking about becoming the Anti-Christ. That should come with some big time plots set into motion.

I can’t say there was anything too standout about the artwork at the end. For the most part the interior work was consistent all the way through. That’s great for anyone who enjoys that kind of thing. I only wished that this art team was a bit more bold with the horror that we should have experienced from this story. Blood spatters here and there are nice, though most actions were done off panel. That kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me. The only thing that really sold those moments were the reaction shots and terrified expressions. To that extent they did succeed in creating engagement with the tone of the story.

Overall, it could have been better, but you do understand the intent at the same time. Blossoms 666 #5 was an interesting conclusion to this part of their game. This is unique in the realm of What If for the Archie Universe. Who would have ever thought of a version of Riverdale where the richest family had this much audacity to play with people’s lives as if they were actual toys?

Blossoms 666 #5




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