Review: Evolution #17

It’s been quite some time since the last issue of Evolution. Though whose to argue? If a little time from this book means that they keep coming back with quality content, then nothing else matters. Especially since we are getting pretty close to the end of this book. Which at the same time makes the anticipation for what comes next greater. With the issue before, that was one of the best issues since there was a lot of things going on for these characters who are now in the thick of it. And when I say thick of it, I mean hitting that point of no return due to their involvement in this epidemic.

It was once more chilling to see the kind of mindset that Abe can be thrown into when he is challenged by people who know him better than he knows himself. That has been his weakness from the very start. Whether the person was human or Evo, it wasn’t hard to see through his personality and frame of mind. This made his actions rash, though more than that, quite predictable. You knew what he would do, but the only way he could surprise you is through is inhumane methods. For even a guy like Hurwitz who seems out of luck, he wasted little time trying to find chinks in Abe’s armor. It wasn’t hard, but it also didn’t mean that he held back either. What made this all engaging is the fact that Abe still has a tough exterior. If he a superpower, it was probably stubbornness. The madness would probably be a branch of it. You almost admire the fact that someone can jump into the fire like this and never jump back out.

The highlight for this issue was Hannah’s storyline. While you could say that the sky was falling in on Abe, Claire, Rochelle, Hurwitz, and anyone unlucky enough to have wandered into their paths, Hannah was genuinely embracing the path she had set on. Where we last left off with Hannah, she finally rose up to a position where it was time that she stood up to the soldiers who were not very forthcoming about their plans with her and the rest of the Evos. Her dialogue was on point because there was so much confidence in her voice. Clearly this was because she had a plan, and it was wonderful once it played out. This could have gone many ways since these are soldiers with gums, but the creativity was there. Particularly in Hannah’s words which kept you focused on one thing, while you never saw the true intention of her words creeping up.

Claire’s part in this issue wasn’t as big as what happened in the previous. Not until the very end of the issue, but this didn’t change the fact that she had lost Rochelle. Not lose in the sense that she died, but as we know, this was their time to finally let go of each other. What followed was a bit intense, but they moved on from that scene in a way that at least cemented what was between them. From there, I found her new path quite bold. Up to this point I questioned the end game with Claire, and now it begins to make sense.

Like any other issue, this was yet another with excellent interior art. I should actually say artwork in general because this was probably one of the best covers for the book too. That was the most detailed I have seen any of the characters drawn, and in such a unique way that their faces are pulling apart as if fused. This issue wasn’t as visceral as some of the others, but the quality was still there for some of the characters and their change in attitude. Especially Hannah. I think this was the best she has ever been drawn given the clarity in pencils and range of expressions which captured her newfound attitude in the face of soldiers who overplayed their hand. What stood out the most had to be a scene nearing the end where it took place at night. For Abe’s half, the coloring was unique. The dark blues and reds overlaying the black atmosphere was excellent for the tone.

After the events of this issue, it’s hard to believe that the end times of humanity are here. Evolution #17 took that next big step with our main characters. Some of them are right where they were meant to be, while others are still following a path that might easily lead to ruin. Only time will tell of course, and that’s what keeps you coming back for more!

Evolution #17




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