Krypton “In Zod We Trust” Review

Now is truly where we can say this season is getting good. Before last week’s episode, there was much that was too scattered without a way of seeing a finish line. Now, these characters got to where they needed to be, started to make the hard calls, and the ones that mattered when the time came. And so did the showrunners when the decision came to off a major character who you would have thought would last much longer than she did. If they didn’t actually kill Lyta, I wouldn’t definitely want to know how she returns.

With that said, it is understood how this episode seems to be all about General Zod. How he reacts to this will be what changes everything. From the promos, it looked like this hit him hard. As if that one bit of humanity that he clung to was taken from him. It may have taken the death of his mother to reach a breaking point, but something had to knock the guy out of his comfort zone to begin showing his true colors. He became more demanding, more ruthless to those working under him, and once more hungry for power. All of this of course does sound like the standard writing for a villain when they begin their own path to ruin. Hopefully when that time comes they get a little creative in how General Zod meets the end of his reign.

KRYPTON — “In Zod We Trust” Episode 206 — Pictured: Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

There was a lot of feelings experienced with Lyta’s death. It kind of caught me off guard. Some you knew would be affected by Jax’s decision to kill her, others came as a surprise since one would think Lyta lost a lot of trust working with General Zod. More importantly, you wanted to see what those closest to her would do in response. I mean, the emotions hit hard once Seg, Jayna, and Dev had a moment to let it sink in. One of Seg’s best moments where you could actually feel genuine raw emotion from him. One of these guys needed a fire lit underneath them, and this was his time. It also helped to still have Brainiac up there manipulating the way he perceived the things going on around him. This made him both frustrated and on edge at a time where he is at his most vulnerable.

As for Jayna and Dev, still I was captivated by the pain they shared. These two have failed others, failed themselves, and this loss just added to the weight they bared. It was hard to deny them of this moment when they came all of this way to stop General Zod and possibly save Lyta. Neither of those things happened. So what they experienced after that was crushing. Say what you will, but I will say that these two have proven they can act better than most of the cast. This might also be because they aren’t forced to show many emotions, but even to just be serious, that takes some skill to dig deep and keep digging.

KRYPTON — “In Zod We Trust” Episode 206 — Pictured: Colin Salmon as Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

I was happy for a return to form that we got from Nyssa. When this season started, I was concerned about what we would see from her when all that could really matter to her was the safety of the baby. That doesn’t leave a lot of room to take advantage of the badass we know she can be when she is underestimated. So with that said, Seg helping Nyssa rescue their son was a long time coming. They may not have the same relationship as Seg did with Lyta, but sometimes a kid is more than enough to bond over. The plan they set in motion also made you anxious about the position she was going to put herself in. The great thing about it is how Nyssa played a bold game for this chance to get her son back. We’ve seen what plenty of characters are willing to do for who and what they’re fighting for, and this was her opportunity. In the face of General Zod, she was able to prove that his power was not absolute.

What came next for the freedom fighters was an interesting argument. When you know General Zod and the kind of games he plays, the choice sounded pretty easy to side with Jax’s actions. However, you could also argue that they were sacrificing their own ideals to fight on his level. In some ways you win, in other ways you lose. When you figured who they were siding with between Jax and Val, it then came down to who could put their money where their mouth is to get the job done. Val more than Jax had my attention because he is someone who you might as well call a wildcard. For the kind of leaders he is, he might get a lot of people killed for the sake of keeping to his ideals and saving everyone’s souls foremost. I’ll never understand where that gets you a win, but here we are, and I’m waiting to see how the “plot” gives him the opportunity to make a difference.

Lines are drawn in the sand for everyone. These are the times where it seems everyone is either willing to drop everything they stand for to get ahead, or hold on to it as tight as they can when it matters most. Krypton “In Zod We Trust” saw our villain take true form and not moment too late when these heroes need to get over that hump to get the job done.

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