Review: Loki #1

Is anyone truly shocked that Marvel has decided to do a Loki ongoing? If that’s you, where have you been? This has been a long time coming since Loki first showed that he wasn’t as evil as everyone assumed. Also a long time coming since Loki of the MCU first began capturing the hearts of the general audience worldwide. It was hard to imagine that Marvel would be willing to let go of the path he has been set on. What caught my attention was the fact that Daniel Kibblesmith was writing this too. I’ve read some books from him before, and the guy knows how to handle the entertaining characters like this.

Only one thing made me hesitant about this book, and that was the idea that understanding the direction of this story involved being caught up with War of the Realms. You can imagine how troublesome that can be when being able to enjoy a book you looked forward to involved reading another book in its entirety. A good writer is able to satisfy readers who are caught up, and readers who want to be able to jump right in. So the question is, can you read this first issue without being caught up with War of the Realms? The answer is yes. Kibblesmith made this first issue accessible by making sure that all you needed to know was that Loki died, he came back, and he walked out of the latest event both a hero and King of Jotunheim. Once you knew those things, the rest was easy to jump into because all of it is simply Loki being Loki.

This first issue also lived up to what I expected from Kibblesmith because a lot of this first chapter was in fact entertaining. I mean, Loki as the ruler of Jotunheim? You already know that for someone like Loki, that is easier said than done. I was not disappointed by all the ways that he tried to doge his responsibilities. Having a whole lot of responsibilities doesn’t mean that he will automatically be more responsible. The addition of Thor in this story didn’t hurt either. For those not caught up with that event, it was great to know where these two currently stood. There couldn’t have been a greater dynamic between these two brothers when one is back to trying to keep the other in line.

As Loki’s first challenge to the throne for this ongoing, they chose an excellent foe to throw his way. When you have someone like Loki sitting on a throne, it’s very easy for someone to try to take advantage of who he tends to be. You  know, the god who will inevitably screw up. With that said, this enemy was highly unexpected, which made it even better. That including how Loki overcame this new obstacle.

Just based on the stylish cover art, I had a good feeling about the quality of the interior art. This did not disappoint either. That’s not to say that the pencils weren’t a bit shaky at the start, but that is also something that you tend to expect with a new #1. When the shape and form from the pencils cleared up, it all looked great. What I liked the most was the playful expressions from these characters. This is a book that you know will get serious at points, but for the most part you know you will have fun with this. That means we have to feel that from the characters, the way they are drawn, and the way this is colored. The colors were great too. Excellent range, good use of meshing, and they were bold when they needed to be. This is after all a story involving gods.

Loki #1 is a book worth having in your pull-list. In general, it is worth having a book on your pull-list from Marvel that you can have fun with. This is the same old Loki, but once more the experience is refreshing when he has to fight against his own nature to be the best version of himself.

Loki #1




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