Swamp Thing “Long Walk Home” Review

Who would have really thought Alec could have that opportunity to communicate with Abby as himself after becoming Swamp Thing?Last week’s episode was great for a lot of things, but most importantly for the clever way they chose to better open Abby’s eyes to this corner of the world she has stepped into. With a friendly face staring back at her, processing the truth was much easier, even if stubbornness still held on to the notion that there can be a cure. But aside from that, you are also left wanting to know what could happen with this powerplay that those closest to Avery have now made against him. Is this where the true monster emerges?

What I didn’t prepare for was the mud that they were ready to drag Avery through as he fought for survival in the swamps. He could have quite easily passed out that night, and woke up the next morning fixed up by Swamp Thing. But that would have been too easy, right? As expected, they took the horror route, and I couldn’t argue with the results. You lose that much blood, and find yourself out in the open where an infection is one scratch away? You’re going to see some things, and Avery was haunted quite a bit by the very things which have now turned his world upside-down.

There was only one concern I ever had about this encounter between Swamp Thing and Avery. When Swamp Thing has no memory of who shot him, or even why, isn’t he simply helping someone back into the world who will only do more harm in time? This was a cliche that I was struggling to accept because we’ve seen it so many times. What helped in this case was the approach to Swamp Thing confronting Avery. At the end of the day, you can’t really trust people. That’s the one appeal of Swamp Thing that has always stood with me. He won’t go killing everyone who is a danger to The Green, but he also won’t turn a blind eye to someone who he knows has troubling intentions. Even if you knew that Swamp Thing was going to let him go, this didn’t change the fear they were able to stir up when we know that there are some dark impulses towards people like Avery. In the moment I actually enjoyed Avery’s dialogue because he is also that kind of guy who somehow always knows how to talk his way out of a situation.

Only one thing was fairly predictable, and that was our answer to if Avery could really be trusted to get help for Alec. We knew that answer before the episode even began. However, it was easy to overlook this when the worst case scenario creates one of the most thrilling scenes of the season so far. Some might say it was too dark, but honestly it works for the kind of story told. And as I’ve said before, the aesthetic of the Swamp Thing suit looks great when blended into the shadows.

Abby’s return to Atlanta was definitely an inevitable move that she was going to have to make. There’s only so much that she can do in without her resources. Though more than that, she is someone who works for the CDC. In the real world, you don’t simply disappear the way she did and not have some explaining to do. After everything she has experienced as well? How do you explain this to other people who are just as stubborn about the necessity in things making sense? With that said, the effort to do so was welcoming. Even if she could try to get to one person, it was worth the attempt since this is a superhero world.

The big thing about Abby’s role in this episode, was what would happen when Obviously this was not going to be a civil conversation when you know what they want from her. It was at this point in her character progression that I was truly able to admire her growth. The scientist in her of course wants a solution, but the human side of her understands what Alec has become, and his value to others who know of his existence. This created one of Abby’s more intense arguments and I’m glad it put everything into perspective for her before it was too late.

Again we were hit with another memorable episode of Swamp Thing. “Long Walk Home” was chilling because knowing what was coming for Alec and Abby didn’t change the impact those moments and scenes could have on you when they came. With two episodes left, they have really jumped into that climatic phase where you knew that the bad guys were going to have their way with Alec, for better or for worse.

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