Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Leap” Review

In the case of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., nothing is ever truly as it seems! While we knew that Izel was far from dead, the rest of the agents did not. Since last week’s episode, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out just what could have gone wrong on the ship. Did she latch herself onto Davis and jump into May? Better yet, what can she do that they have not been caught up on? You notice that the worst that seems to happen to these agents is when they don’t know everything about their enemy that is necessary.

Now when they said that the team would have to trust each other, I really wanted to know what they meant by this. As far as we were concerned, Izel most likely got a hold of Davis’ body, and then did the same with May when she decided to put four bullets into Sarge. Though that’s not the whole team. At least not enough for there to be that much mistrust among them. The truth to this situation was quite creative. For as much as we knew about the shrike, we knew next to nothing about Izel aside from the fact that she could both spawn and control the shrike. Outside of that? It was anyone’s guess as to what made her so dangerous as an individual.It was actually a bit hard trying to convince myself that Sarge and company should have had some idea, or enough of one to give warning.

What I enjoyed about this episode the most was the horror elements they used once more. This wasn’t as nightmarish as other things they have done, but not being able to trust the person next to you is a problem. The switching of person to person really messed with your head because at a point you would have assumed there was a pattern, and just as easily you were pretty much falling for a mental trap. Of course there also had to be a point where everyone realized what was going on. How they handled this was an excellent scene because just about everyone was put on the spot about where they were, what they were doing, or what they know that someone else may not know.

I think what really sold the danger of this chapter is the fact that they chose now to show that no one was safe. Up to this episode, I think most would have said that they played things fairly safe. Just about anyone could have been seriously hurt, or dead, and for the most part they chose throwaway agents who we barely knew. This week was the first time where we could be reminded of what it feels like once more when a character you like might be next. Unfortunately, they did exactly what I said they would do last week. It is a problem when at the same time you know who they will gun for.

The mystery of Sarge was also interesting. They really found that one thing which somehow shakes up every theory you have about who he could be. I mean, Coulson is as human as it gets. He has never displayed the ability to come back from the dead or heal the way he did. The reaction from FitzSimmons alone was enough to make a statement that this was something abnormal. With that said, it was only really the reveal of Izel’s true intentions which put all the pieces together. A lot of things about her plan should have made sense, but we were all looking a lot harder than we needed. All we really had to do was remember what exactly happened in the previous season when the monoliths were initially destroyed.

As the big bad, Izel has genuinely fulfilled her role. Being able to take an active approach to getting what she wanted was worth the wait. It goes without saying that this team suffers from caring too much about one another, and Izel was set-up perfectly to be the kind of villain who is able to take advantage of that.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Leap” is the episode where all answers are laid on the table, even if they did get a bit carried away with the explanation. If that wasn’t enough? They made sure we remembered that this is a show where any episode could be someone’s last. They hit right where it hurt because you may have seen this death coming. That or the way they hit this team with that point in the season where they fall the hardest before rising up. With three more episodes in two weeks, the stakes have never been higher!

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