Review: Dial H for Hero #5

If you’re someone new to Dial H for Hero like me, then this right here was probably your most anticipated issue of the series, and with good reason. This isn’t one of those books where you get all of your answers right away at the start. All of those discoveries and twists are earned as the story progresses. Dial H for Hero #5 just so happens to be that issue where your patience is rewarded getting just about everything you could possibly want to know about what makes this corner of the multiverse tick.

This issue picked up exactly where the last one ended, though unlike the issues before, the opening scene was quite wacky. Especially because we were seeing what it is truly like within the walls of the Heroverse. From the perspective of someone who is familiar with it such as Mr. Thunderbolt, it was quite the adventure from page to page, panel to panel. When we got around to the history of the Heroverse, I found the whole thing very enlightening. There’s one thing you can’t expect from every DC reader, and that’s the idea that they fully understand the scope of the multiverse. It was one thing to beforehand to know that the Heroverse lied outside of the Speed Force wall, but it was another thing entirely to see the process of breaking through that wall to the Heroverse which we can now actually see lies beyond it. Makes sense as well when you know that this is a space where ideas are just waiting to take form. A unique distinction from the Anit-matter space, or the realm of the sixth dimension.

While learning about the Heroverse, this origin lined up with the origin of The Operator as well. This was a story I was waiting to get since the first issue. As someone new to this series, the character development didn’t just stop at Miguel and Summer. It meant getting to know both of them, Mr. Thunderbolt, and The Operator. He’s an intriguing character as well because you would think that someone of his level of power would be able to be a lot more active in heroic affairs than he is. That aside, getting to know him was fun. He’s an old guy, but he has a lot of enthusiasm about his job.

One thing I didn’t expect from all of this revelation was the exploration of what it actually meant to have an origin story. We talk a good talk about what makes a hero, but sometimes you can always dig a bit deeper. This creative team did, and we finally understood what has been holding Miguel back from being able to use the H-Dial to its full potential. Well we did, can’t say the same for Miguel just yet.

On top of this, there was still Summer trying to figure out what to do next being left behind. I was always concerned that this was going to be a possibility since Miguel was the chosen one by the H-Dial. After getting to know Summer, this would have been the worst time for her to get left behind and forgotten as if there wasn’t something for her to gain by continuing on the mission. Her search for help was entertaining because of course she would do something a bit bold to get the attention of someone outside of Snapper.

The artwork for this issue was just as mindblowing as any other issue. For the other issues up to this point, you enjoyed the many unique styles this art team employed to capture the theme of the numerous heroes these characters turned into. Not to mention the way they twisted and turned the pages and panels to give us a creative display of their powers. This week’s issue took a step further to show us what all of that can look like within the Heroverse. A slice of the multiverse where it is almost as if you’re walking through the pages of a comic book. Not many places where you will find this possible, or get this kind of visual. I actually appreciated how the colors and pencils matched the classic origins of the big name heroes. Fitting since much of this issue in general surrounded revealing the origins of The Operator, Mr. Thunderbolt, and the Heroverse itself. Beyond that, this issue was also engaging for the wide range of emotions captured through Miguel, The Operator, and even Summer. I felt convinced through Miguel’s sadness, his sense of wonder, Summer’s reckless abandon, and much more.

All the answers you’ve been waiting for are right here, and yet there was so much more to discover along the way! Dial H for Hero #5 was one of the strongest issues so far in the series, and once again left me happy that they decided to bump this series up to twelve issues. It would have been a crime to let this series end after only six. Maybe there would have been a second part in some months or the next year, but would you have really wanted to wait after everything now revealed to us? After what Mr. Thunderbolt is able to unleash upon the world at the end of this issue?

Dial H for Hero #5




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