Review: The Terrifics #18

From one end of the world situation, right into the next. I’m still pretty shocked because this new story arc has been nothing like you thought it would be. It was easy to assume that this creative team would simply ease us into the next chapter for this team, but they hit the ground running since that first issue. Here we already find ourselves facing down another end of the world situation, but with the perk that this team is working together like a fun family.

The Terrifics #18 threw us straight into the end game for the God Game. I enjoyed how the first part of this issue was used to address the stakes in this fight. To us, this was simply some technological lifeform with an insatiable appetite that they failed to keep contained within the simulator. However, Biosphere wasted little time making sure that everyone knew the real story between this entity and itself. One that added context you could appreciate as something that has done away with many worlds before Earth. You could ask why the story wasn’t told in the issue before, but when you’ve gotten to know this team? It’s not hard to see why it would be difficult for someone to get a word in who knows the score.

From the start of this issue we could also see where the threat level of Noosphere shot up since its first emergence. Free into the world, feeding is as simple as making contact with a person. That’s pretty dangerous on top of having an army quite substantial for being data for the most part. As usual, the fun in fighting a big bad for this team is how they thought outside of the box to get ahead. There was a certain combination that they pulled off that I couldn’t help but admire because this is the first time that someone tried something this bold with Metamorpho. How they defeated the Noosphere was kind of jaw-dropping with that said. I’m pretty sure we were all expecting a lot of flashy fighting till the bitter end, but this isn’t that kind of book. The solution found to Noosphere was nothing like what you may have imagined, and for that reason it also shook up what was so far pretty stable for this team.

Their side mission to put Plastic Man back together was a bit heartbreaking. There was no doubt some humor because these chibi versions of him were unfiltered madness, but that came with the realization of what they represented, and what it meant to reunite those pieces of himself together. If there’s one thing you have to admire about the writing for this book, it is how well a balance is struck between humor and seriousness. I remember always thinking Plastic Man would be the jokes and nothing else. However, we have been proven wrong time and time again when reminded of everything that is haunting for the guy. Humor for a guy like him can really mask a lot of pain. With that said, I was moved by what it took to get Plas to reintegrate.

Now for the Year of Villains connection, they spoke of the Bizzaro team, but that wasn’t quite what we saw here. There was Bizzaro, but just not in the way they described. It’s hard to really have an opinion of some of these developments since the scenes are fairly small no matter the book these offers take place in. For now there is simply interest in how this might influence what comes next or down the road.

One of the best things about The Terrifics continues to be the artwork. Whether we are talking about the cover art, or we’re talking about the interiors. Both are presented to us with amazing quality put into the pencils, inks, and colors. Segovia did an amazing job of making the action jump out at you. I have always admired his use of perspective, and it helps that a lot of what he draws is so detailed, while at the same time leaving a lot of room for the inker and colorist to really do their best work. I mean there was a lot going on within these pages whether it was on Earth, or in the simulator world. Whether they were fighting, blasting, chasing, or plotting, just about everyone had something to do. Even the civilians who were getting snatched up. With every flip of the page your eyes were met with something new and refreshing as well. New dynamics created, as well as other introductions which added depth to this story that was much more than what it seemed on the surface. Aside from this, weird was definitely seeing so many Biosphere mouths on different people.

With this week’s issue of The Terrifics, another story comes to a close. Maybe not in the way this team would have agreed to, but this was a race against time to stop the Noosphere before it became too strong to stop. There was action, there was heart, and there was a fair amount of set-up for what the next arc has in store for them.

The Terrifics #18




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