Review: Justice League #29

With war on the rise, the future is looking a bit bleak for the heroes of this universe. As I said before, these are our gods among men struggling to beat back a team that you wouldn’t have originally blinked twice at. If you came here looking for that easy win that we tend to poke fun at the Justice League for being capable of, you were corrected of this multiple times throughout this run. That’s honestly what makes this so exciting. Even if you know the tides are not in favor of the heroes currently, you still brace yourself for the unexpected. Especially in a world where villains big and small are now equipped with the very resources they need to be truly formidable.

Now with that said, it was surprising that at this stage in the game we had a Jarro issue to look forward to. Not that Jarro hasn’t been important to the team, but you couldn’t know what kind of impact he could have through an issue focused on him primarily. Off the bat, I appreciated the story of Starro that they decided to tell in this issue. If you are someone like me, then you maybe only read this Justice League book. That means the things that were set up from Justice League: No Justice can at times go over your head. Things such as the creation and introduction of Jarro. In order to understand Jarro, you also have to know the story of Starro. Well maybe you don’t have to, but it adds a lot of clarity to why this little fellow is working with Batman in this capacity.

I also couldn’t argue with this because this was the creative team’s opportunity to just have fun with this character. What I like about Jarro is that he brings a different kind of energy to the table. He’s young, prone to doing silly things, saying silly things, but he is also someone you don’t want to underestimate. This issue was a sharp reminder of what makes him more than what he appears to be. He had a strong character moment as well. It took some time to work up to this decision he made to protect the League, but it was all worth it for another one of the most memorable scenes in this book. Who would have thought that Batman would be involved too? Overall, I was impressed by the effort put into addressing everyone’s state of mind going into this coming war.

This also turned into a very informative issue for everything we were able to take in from Jarro’s perspective. Some out there may say that they already grasp what’s going on right now, but you can’t speak for everyone. There was no better time than now to make sure that everyone is on the same page moving forward. The execution and presentation of this information was on point as well. There was plenty of things about the plot that they needed to be able to speak plainly about. Ambitious is only that if everyone understands your intentions. This is a big story where you can’t fault someone for not understanding what these six dark forces unlocked are, what they do, who possesses them, how the Legion plans to restore Perpetua, or even the reasoning for Luthor dissolving all of his assets to properly equip the villains of the world.

Stunning artwork as issue. Nothing new for this book, but it was welcomed that for a special issue like this, they did not choose this to be the time to give us anything less than satisfying. When I saw Bruno Redondo’s name as artist, I already knew that we were in store for something exceptional. He doesn’t disappoint with these kinds of stories. Detailed work, full renderings, and really knows how to fully immerse you into a scene. What I loved most was the energy he put into Jarro. Characters like Jarro tend to be tricky because he is basically a starfish with an eye in the middle. It takes some work to make something like him properly communicate through their actions. Every twist and turn of his appendages mattered, as well as the emphasis on what he says through his eyes. That aside, I admired the way he was able to wear a costume regardless of being star-shaped. That didn’t stop Jarro from being able to wear a hood either. Though I still question where the batarangs are stored on his person…

Justice League #29 may have been all about Jarro, but it was also one of the most engaging issues for diving into the fortitude a hero must achieve when faced with a crisis. These are the moments that genuinely define a hero, and Jarro has found his as an entity that was once called a conqueror.

Justice League #29




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