Review: Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #42

They really are making us have to sweat for these issues. It really has been three months since the last issue that released. If this creative team kept to a proper schedule, Outcast should have been a book done long ago, but unfortunately they are really trying to drag out this last stretch of the story. Which is always a risky move when we should really be able to look forward to these next chapters each month till the bitter end. With so many other good books coming out, this is the worst time to challenge a reader’s ability to be patient and not move on to something with ore consistency.

With that said, here we are with Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #42. It was about time that something happened to really shake things up. As they said, the stronger that the Outcasts become, the stronger the darkness becomes. It only made sense that this many grouping up in one place would mean that The Merge was right around the corner. While you may also want to question why this is the way it is, some things are better left as is. What I really wanted to see from this issue was what would happen with all of these Outcasts feeling a upgrade in power. Is this enough for Kyle to do the same thing he did before? Is there a greater power to achieve? Can the others access that power? These were the things that we needed to know!

This was undeniably one of the most action-packed issues of Outcast so far. I don’t think I could have ever said that and it be more true than it is now. Between the sheer number of possessed versus the army of Outcasts the farm now has on hand, the action was non-stop. Now of course with that said, there had to be something decisive about this battle which broke loose. It was either the Outcasts were still going to find themselves defeated, or they would be able to tap into a power that’s terrifying enough to give them a win. I loved that even in this moment there could still be fear for the worst. After all, being an Outcast doesn’t make you more than human. At the end of the day it should never feel as though one side has that much power over the other that it isn’t as interesting as it should be. The only thing that this issue was lacking at the conclusion was clarity to what actually transpired here. Was this The Merge? Or was this a lesser plan set in motion? Because these things matter when the higher ups aren’t even involved in such a taxing skirmish.

The answer to those questions above was thrilling because no punches were pulled to show us what they are all capable of now. Strong enough to take on multiple possessed on their own, and strong enough to do the same things as Kyle. I was also taken back by the twist at the very end. Even at this stage there was still more to this power that the Outcasts wield that is unknown.

So far this is the best work that this art team has put into this book. Credit where it is due that at the very least they are making use of the time between these issues to make sure that the interiors are the best quality they can be. Especially when it comes to chapters like this where there is so much going on. I was thoroughly impressed by how much they were able to capture in this battle that required no sacrifice in quality to fit it all. These Outcasts gave hits, they took hits, and they reached new heights in their power. Every action from both sides had impact and oomph to it. One of them in particular showed Kyle up, and I loved the colors used for that characters lightning in contrast to his. Kyle’s was for the most part blues, but this Outcast has more colors mixed in to show a greater intensity.

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #42 will definitely go down as one of the more memorable issues of the series. I still have my problems with their approach to the the end of this series, but for now I can overlook this when this issues are still quality work between the story and art. To be honest, that is all you can really ask for from a series you have invested your time in for almost forty issues now. December is going to be one heck of a wait for the cliffhanger they hit us with!

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #42




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