Demon Slayer “Hinokami” Review

Initially, I was going to pass on writing something about Demon Slayer. Then I saw the episode and I told myself, there’s no way that a single line of text could justify the feelings that this one left me with! Demon Slayer is a series that I have been thoroughly impressed with from the start. Like some of the others that debuted this summer, the story hit the ground running and momentum carried it through from there. This one in particular gets you because just about every new mission has topped the one before it. The trio’s current mission to stop the family of demons  up on Mt. Natagumo.

Last week gave me chills because I was fearing for the worst for Inosuke. Obviously this was too early to kill off a character like him, but the position he was put in? You could have EASILY assumed that this was it for him. The crushing of his skull, the massive amounts of blood pouring from his boar mask, it was just a lot to take in. I was shocked that one of these Hashiras were really able to get to him on time. What followed that rescue this week was surprisingly entertaining. I was a bit taken back by how the atmosphere suddenly changed when Inosuke set his eyes upon his hero. His response was predictable, but nonetheless it was gold for the fact that he would even respond to someone that way given the state he was left in.

Who the other Hashira ended up crossing paths to save? That was a bit of a surprise, though it made sense who would end up being the priorities based on the way both fights ended for Inosuke and Zenitsu. Still Shinobu Kocho manages to throw me for a loop because her personality is unlike anything else you have gotten from characters introduced so far. Just as unique as Inosuke, but more of a mystery to try to figure out.

With that said, this just left Tanjiro facing off against Rui. This was the highlight of the episode because there was absolutely no way that you could have known the battle would end the way it did. Well, maybe if you’re someone who keeps up with the manga. But if that’s not you, then this was an absolute treat for the emotional roller coaster that this sends you through. I honestly cringed multiple times for the kind of pain inflicted by this one demon. On one hand Tanjiro’s sword is broken, he’s clearly getting worn out, and he just found out that Rui is actually one of the Twelve Demon Moons. On the other hand, he has no one to help him through this aside from Nezuko, and there was also no telling what kind of help she could be if Tanjiro could struggle so much getting close to this demon. All of this played with your emotions since it didn’t matter if Tanjiro wasn’t going to die, this was still one hell of a nightmare situation that he was trapped in. Barely surviving, but at the same time fighting for two. What elevated this was the fact that you knew Nezuko was not going to sit idly by. Their dynamic was beautiful for what they were able to bring out in each other.

When that final clash came? I was almost applauding because this was the kind of scene you would experience maybe in the final episode of an anime, or just further down the road in general, but here they are going all out. The effects were stunning, the choice of music was perfectly set and timed to Tanjiro and Nezuko leveling up. Overall, the fight choreography was better than everything they had produced up to this point. This includes the angles of the shots too.

Demon Slayer “Hinokami” is the best episode so far and deserves much more praise than even I could give it. This one was the full package between emotion, action, and visual appeal. Demon Slayer is one of those anime series where you sit there wondering how on Earth they are going to top what comes next, and somehow each time they manage to give you something that’s more memorable than the last.

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