Dr. Stone “Two Nations of the Stone World” Review

What I love about Dr. Stone is that unless you read the manga, you really have no idea what to expect from this series. Well, you knew that Tsukasa would be quite the bastard and obstacle on his own, but aside from that everything else was up in the air. This includes the fate of Senku as Taiju and Yuzuriha fought to bring him back to life. It was a clever tactic from Senku who you would have never expected to be playing a mental game from the very start. If you thought that him simply being a genius would be limiting, they reminded you that his brainpower really is something not to underestimate.

One thing I definitely did not expect was that this next episode would continue following the early days of Senku as he woke up from his petrification. Honestly I couldn’t argue with this choice. As I said last week, they were always going to get around to this period, and there was no better time than now. In a short amount of time they have already answered a lot of our questions about what he must have been doing all that time he waited for Taiju to wake up. We needed to know how Senku managed as much as he did on his own, what troubles he may have run into, how he overcame them, and what drove him to decide that Taiju had to be the first one after him. More time than anything else was spent on the actual process of reviving, which made sense since this is not something that you would have expected Senku to have stumbled across so easily. There had to be trials, failures, and moments where he really had to dig deep to try every possible combination of resources to create the revival fluid.

The biggest takeaway from this episode was how they created a contrast to the previous episode. That one was powerful because we could see how Senku’s values rubbed off on Taiju and Yuzuriha. It was heartwarming to see how crushed they were at the possibility that they couldn’t save this one person who went above and beyond to save them. This week was an excellent time to flip it around to show how much someone like Taiju means to Senku. I’m sure we all already knew how important the big oaf is to Senku, but it was another thing entirely to actually see him express those feelings. I may have said that being a genius alone doesn’t make you limited, but the truth is that in most cases you will lack the brawn. In Senju’s case, he lacks the brawn to keep up with his ambitions.

Where I was impressed was the pacing for this episode as well. Even if you knew that Senku was going to wake up, there was no way of knowing how quick they would be move on to the next step in their plans. That was the big shocker since again, not everyone will know the direction that this is going to take towards the main plot. There was a lot of things they could have done next. Plenty of things they could have also done that would have been playing safe after such a close call. However, this was one way to shake things up to keep viewers on their toes. Especially those who may have at the same time questioned why it seems that even in the opening sequence to the show, they trio isn’t really seen together much.

With that said, it was also entertaining to see what kind of theories he must have come up with about the petrification. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be something that they drag out for some time, so I was just glad that despite everything else they could assure us in some way that this is not something forgotten. This is a series where fantasy clashes with science. It would be terrible for them to neglect the one thing that makes this statement best. The reason that they all turned to stone in the first place.

By the end of the episode, we did get a bit of action. Just a little bit, but it was satisfying when it comes to no surprise the kind of introduction that Tsukasa attracts. Up to this point it was cool to see what he could co with just brute strength. This week’s episode took a step further to add a bit of style to hit combat skills to further emphasize the kind of danger he poses as an enemy.

Dr. Stone “Two Nations of the Stone World” was better understood by the end when we could better see the end game for this story. One one hand there is the mission to revive all of humanity, but on the other hand there is the war to prevent Tsukasa from creating this new world where only those like him can thrive. As far as character development goes, I simply enjoy the fact that they are breaking the mold with Senku. In most cases this is a character who you are made to hate, but his heart and determination turns out to be something to admire.

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